Fur & Feathers

This afternoon I joined some of the most marvelous fellow vintage gals in the Pacific Northwest for the annual Fur & Feathers Luncheon as hosted by Julie of FabGabs Vintage.  (You can view last year’s event here!) So get ready to see some amazing fur and feathered concoctions on some even more amazing ladies in loads of pictures!

I know, you’re probably tired of seeing Algernon, especially if you’ve been participating in the rather heated fur debate on his debut entry. (Please visit the entry to read my views regarding fur). But it was the first time I was able to take both him and his brother Earnest on a little outing.

Everyone giggled and chatted as we took up a whole corner of the dark restaurant and several people even took our pictures. But who can blame them? We looked marvelous…just look for yourselves!

Solanah of Vixen Vintage looked stunning with the most darling hat and brown mesh (yeah, I know, crazy, right?) dress!

I wasn’t the only gal who brought along a little fox buddy. Fellow blogger Sara of Lilies & Remains brought along her fox, named Tod!

Also I finally got to meet Sarah of Stutterin’ Mama’s! Who had the most delightful hat!

And I nearly died when I saw the skirt that Jennifer of Jumblelaya was wearing!

It was a fantastic afternoon, and our fur actually got a very positive reception.  Multiple people commented on how lovely we all looked and praised us for our no-fear attitude. Although one gal did say she loved our “costumes” … *sigh*

Algernon the Fox Stole: Antique Alley, Portland
Earnest the Fox Muff: Anniversary present from Patrick (but I know he bought it on Ebay)
Hat: Expo
Helen of California Suit: Brownsville Antique Show
Stockings: Oh, who the hell knows!
Shoes: Remix by way of Ebay
Nail Color: Skyfall, part of the OPI James Bond Collection

23 thoughts on “Fur & Feathers

    • Aw, thanks! I think most of the ladies are still out and about! Dancing and Secret Society and later an even at Dante’s. I bailed though, because Patrick and I had plans to see Gangster Squad at 6:50 or 7:15 but that changed and I think we’re now going to the 9:55 or something. :/ My feet hurt too. I need to work on breaking those shoes in!

  1. OMG OMG OMG can you look any more fabulous?! All of you ladies do! But with that fur and the mesh on that hat of yours (I keep wanting to say “cover” – that military part of me never goes away LOL) you look like quite the film noir femme fatale. All of you ladies looked gorgeous!

    My opinion on fur is that if it is vintage, it’s okay. It has not been alive for many years and if you can still give it a life in that way, that’s great! I am, however, against any an all cruelty to any animals in our present day. It will literally get me nauseous to hear stories on the news of animal abuse, even moreso than the murders they report! Is that a bad thing? LOL.


  2. Yaaay one-eyed Tod is giving you a wink;) He met a hound dog later outside Secret Society!! Fox & the Hound Destiny Moment?…. Nope! the dog was freaking out barking at me. DANGIT.

    It was soo good to see you, lovely!

    ❤ Sara

  3. You all look fabulous, I love the theme – I do think though that these days there is such amazing fake fur available. I know that if it’s vintage it’s been long gone, but there are still charities that collect real fur and would love to have the use of it – for example, orphaned animals sometimes respond better if they have some real fur to snuggle up to, they don’t respond as well to fake fur because they can tell the difference!

    Still, you all look stunning, some great outfits.

    • Aw, thanks love. I wanted to send you a link, bc you seem to have your heart in the right place & im sure youd like to know! There’s a reason modern “faux” furs can be so realistic:((((

      Horrifying, yeah? Just a heads up! (Not to mention, buying literally anything not made in the US/ Europe, etc… Prob made by slaves or children. Ok, that is a separate rant, sorry! In a lot of cases, the modern world is equally as terrifying as the past, if not more so, *shudder!*)

      Man, what a gloomy-themed comment, wah wahh. Sorry about that!

      ❤ Sara

  4. Oh my goodness, you all look fabulous! Earnest and Algernon go together so well, and is your hat topped off with another poof of fox, or are those matching feathers? And that sequined peacock skirt is just unreal.
    (Psst, I think that you all are doing a lovely thing by wearing and protecting vintage furs. It hardly seems proper to destroy perfectly-preserved artifacts 50-100 years old because some part of the population disagrees with a facet of human history… and we certainly preserve many things that have a more harmful history than fur!)

  5. WOW!! I think I said ‘wow’ at least 10 times when I opened your blog! Your outfit is *stunning* Love, love, love your hat and the fur. What a fun looking outing!


  6. What a lovely iodea for a get together too.Nice to see the biys getting out and about together! You (and they) look simply smashing…as do the other girls. I must say that peacock skirt is breathtaking and I love Sarash’s hat and stole, beautiful smokey grey brown fur. xx Shauna

  7. Not a fan of fur (fake or real) myself, but I don’t think there is anything wrong with preserving and using something from vintage times – those foxes were long gone anyway, there is no point in their fur being wasted. I think its better to focus on current day animal cruelty! Plus, you look amazing, even if this one isn’t my cup of tea.

  8. Sooooo many beautiful outfits!!!

    I love how dark and mysterious you look in these photos! The fox fur looks so beautiful against your black suit and your little hat with the veil is stunning.

  9. Oh Janey, you look so, so exquisitely elegant, gorgeous and fashionable. I highly doubt anyone has ever looked as good in classic fox fur as you do, it compliments your colouring so resplendently! Thank you for sharing snaps of so many stylish ladies with us, too, you all looked ravishing.

    ♥ Jessica

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