A Brother for Algernon

Yesterday Patrick and I celebrated two wonderful years of marriage. It was a day of being rather lazy and taking time to relax before our trip to California next week and the craziness of the holidays that is just around the corner.  We also exchanged gifts, and Patrick gave me something I’ve been dying to own for awhile…a vintage full fox muff!!!  I basically screamed and had a Despicable Me “It’s so fluffy!” moment

I named the fluffy little guy Earnest, the long lost brother of Algernon (which is who I named my full fox stole after – you may also click to read my opinion on fur) in the Oscar Wilde play The Importance of Being Earnest.

And, yes, we really are going to California again next week.  Patrick is going for business and I’m tagging along because where he’s going is close to where my sister and grandmother live and it will be nice to spend more time with them.

Hat: Living Threads Vintage
Suit: Hollywood Babylon, Portland
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: Can’t remember

12 thoughts on “A Brother for Algernon

  1. Happiest wedding anniversary wishes to one of the sweetest, loveliest couples I know! May you two have countless more years of wedded bliss together!!!

    That fox muff is, to put it mildly, mid-blowing fantastic! What an incredible, stylish, endlessly lovely anniversary gift (excellent job, Patrick!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. As long as it is an antique. However, the animal lover just wants you to know from where the animal came. Remember, it was once a live animal. Have you ever seen a fox before? And I believe that the fur looks better on the animal.

    • I find the current fur industry horrid and of little necessity. And if you click on my entry regarding my other fox piece you will find a more in depth outlook on my attitudes. I also believe that if vintage fur was thrown away that, as a friend once put it, it would be more disrespectful toward the creature.

  3. Oh my goodness, he is gorgeous! So fluffy and so warm looking. I always am a little unnerved by the ones that still have faces or feet in person, but they look absolutely gorgeous in photos, so I will admire him from afar.
    Congratulations on your second year of marriage, and best wishes for the next year and all the rest to come.

  4. Happy anniversary to you both, you seem like such a happily married (and well dressed) couple!

    I love your Importance of Being Earnest reference, and that you wear vintage fur. I do think it’s sad though that Dita wears new fur…

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