A Sherlockian Christmas

Last night Patrick and I took our friend Lizzie out to see Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Christmas Carol as her Christmas gift.  Like me, Lizzie has a passion for the British detective and we got super gussied up for our night on the town.



Patrick and I saw the show last year, and were so pleased that Artists Rep decided to bring the show back for the season. It is a delightful play on A Christmas Carol, but in which Sherlock fills the role as Scrooge and is taken on an eye-opening journey by three spirits.  If you’re in Portland this holiday season and a Sherlock fan, I highly recommend seeing it.

Patrick’s Outfit
Sport Coat: Bombshell Vintage, Portland
(New) Shirt & Suspenders: Nordstorm
Pants: Oh, who knows…
Shoes: Allen Edmonds by way of Buffalo Exchange
Tie: Don’t recall…

Seal Fur Coat: Red Light, Portland
Dress: Don’t recall…
Stockings: What Katie Did
Shoes: TJ Maxx
Necklace: Made of vintage pieces by friend and artist Alicia Justis
Bracelet: Maybe Antique Alley…?
Earrings: Gift

13 thoughts on “A Sherlockian Christmas

  1. My stars, do you look absolutely stunning. That chic dress, amazing hair, and perfectly complimentary jewelry all add up to one of the most enchantingly lovely vintage evening looks I can ever recall seeing.

    ♥ Jessica


    Patrick looked thoroughly dapper, too – I utterly adore his tie (I’ve always loved the scent of a classic pipe tobacco).

  2. I can only imagine the heads that you two must turn when you step out!
    That dress is just mind blowing and I love the necklace, and well, just everything! You two are so lucky to have each other, your outfits always compliment each others so beautifully 🙂

    • It took a lot of practice for me to get to this point. I started by using synthetic rats and rolling my hair around those and then pinning. Have you checked out YouTube for tutorials? I found a handful of them useful!

  3. You have a fabulous figure! And might I add that I am completely jealous of the amazing wardrobe you have! *sigh* One day… 🙂



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