Vintage Must Have: Muff

It’s finally getting chilly, with temperatures not even going above 50 degrees! So it’s certainly time for my favorite winter accessory…a muff!

I’ve always had an adoration for the cozy little hand-warmer. The muff was a must for ladies at the turn-of-the-century and made a comeback in a small form in the 1940s and 50s.  What is also great about muffs is that they can also act like a purse.  Most muffs have a zipper on the backside or the inside of the muff where a dame can store her essentials.  Often it’s just room for your wallet and lipstick, but sometimes that’s enough.

Additionally, most muffs have a long strand that allows the muff to hang from the neck when the hands are not inside, or a small Lucite bracelet or fabric strap attached so the muff may hang like a wristlet.

Hat: Don’t quite recall…
Cape: One of my few Ebay purchases
Dress: Red Light
Tights: Nordstorm
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange
Muff: Thrifted

I actually loved muffs, and hated flowers, so much that I opted for a white muff instead of a bouquet at my wedding. And the fact that we got married in December aided to that choice.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing loads more pictures of my other vintage muffs as the winter months continue.

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