Fur & Feathers

This afternoon I joined some of the most marvelous fellow vintage gals in the Pacific Northwest for the annual Fur & Feathers Luncheon as hosted by Julie of FabGabs Vintage.  (You can view last year’s event here!) So get ready to see some amazing fur and feathered concoctions on some even more amazing ladies in loads of pictures!

I know, you’re probably tired of seeing Algernon, especially if you’ve been participating in the rather heated fur debate on his debut entry. (Please visit the entry to read my views regarding fur). But it was the first time I was able to take both him and his brother Earnest on a little outing.

Everyone giggled and chatted as we took up a whole corner of the dark restaurant and several people even took our pictures. But who can blame them? We looked marvelous…just look for yourselves!

Solanah of Vixen Vintage looked stunning with the most darling hat and brown mesh (yeah, I know, crazy, right?) dress!

I wasn’t the only gal who brought along a little fox buddy. Fellow blogger Sara of Lilies & Remains brought along her fox, named Tod!

Also I finally got to meet Sarah of Stutterin’ Mama’s! Who had the most delightful hat!

And I nearly died when I saw the skirt that Jennifer of Jumblelaya was wearing!

It was a fantastic afternoon, and our fur actually got a very positive reception.  Multiple people commented on how lovely we all looked and praised us for our no-fear attitude. Although one gal did say she loved our “costumes” … sigh

Algernon the Fox Stole: Antique Alley, Portland
Earnest the Fox Muff: Anniversary present from Patrick (but I know he bought it on Ebay)
Hat: Expo
Helen of California Suit: Brownsville Antique Show
Stockings: Oh, who the hell knows!
Shoes: Remix by way of Ebay
Nail Color: Skyfall, part of the OPI James Bond Collection

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