Vintage Must Have: Snood

Okay, so this isn’t really a must have for all vintage-loving gals. But it is for those who love the 1940s.  Today’s vintage must have is a snood…

Snoods have a history dating back to the Renaissance, had a revival in the mid 1800s, and came back into vogue during the 1940s due to World War II for rather practical reasons.  Women entered the war effort in full force by working in factories, which required them to keep their hair out of the way and snoods were the answer.  But soon snoods found their way into everyday fashion during the 1940s and early 1950s.

One of my favorite bloggers really knows how to rock a snood, please check her and her equally fashionable husband on their blog Lost in the 50s.

Most snoods are simple and of this crochet design I am wearing.  However there are loads of patterns to make beautiful, stylish and complex snoods to go with your outfits, such as this pattern available on Etsy.  So if you know who to wield a crochet needle, you can make some yourself!  There were also fabric snoods as well.  As snoods became more of a fashion accessory as opposed to a working girl’s staple, many milliners began to incorporate snoods of either the netting kind or fabric kind into their hats.

Snoods can be worn with various hairstyles in the front; pompadours, victory rolls, and look great when paired with a hair flower too!

I buy most of my snoods from April’s Bag. She makes wonderful snoods and sells them at really reasonable prices.  Arthelia’s Attic is another stellar Etsy seller dealing in snoods, including the beautiful deluxe snoods.

Snood: April’s Bag
Sweetheart Necklace: Gift
Sweetheart Charm Bracelet: Pieced together from various shops
Earrings: Expo
Sweater: Bombshell Vintage, Portland
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland
Vintage Stockings: …who knows…
Shoes: TJ Maxx…I think

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