“Very Fancy”

So, as you all know by now, I spent last weekend at the Portland Convention Center for Portland Comic Con. And it was crazy.  So crazy, both Patrick and I really failed at taking pictures.  There was so much to see and do and talk about.

Friday found myself dressed as Marion Ravenwood and my friend Jen dressed as Batgirl, and Patrick opted to be lame and not dress up at all… Whatever that’s about.


The halls of the Convention Center will full of collectable booths from posters to figurines to t-shirts and of course comic books, then there was the artists section where up-and-coming comic book artists could sell their work and interact with patrons.  And then there was the autograph area where people could meet their favorite stars and get autographs.

We all had fun on Friday, and multiple children rushed up to Jen to get their photos taken with her, it basically made her day.  A few weeks ago I bought a wig for my Marion costume, which is actually the Wonder Woman wig, off of Amazon, and it worked out pretty okay (I also put a crap-ton of eyeshadow in my brows to attempt to make them a similar color), I got a few comments and photos taken.  In reality, Jen and I were just a couple of a handful of people who dressed up.  We also got to play a real-life Fix It Felix game!  Which was pretty darn awesome if you ask me!

Saturday was about five times more crazy than Friday, with more people, more costumes and more celebrities.  Jen did not join us on Saturday which was the day for my Dixie Cousins costume to make its debut and Patrick even dressed up as Brisco.

For more on our costumes and Bruce Campbell…

Early in the day we met actor James Hong, who played a small, but important role in The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. and signed the DVD booklet I brought with me.  He was very kind and loved our costumes.  After, we made our way to the Bruce Campbell photo op area and it was a whirlwind to say the list.  Hundreds of people lined up and as sad as it is, I almost felt like a grocery store item on a conveyer belt and meeting Bruce was the scanner.  There are so many people who want to meet him and have their photo taken, that it was a very in and out moment and left me very dazed afterward. While I didn’t pass out as I thought I might, I certainly was star struck.

After the Photo Op, which I must say we were second in line for, we rushed over to get in line for the autograph table, to which we knew Mr. Campbell would be attending after his time taking photos, which we were third in line for!  The autograph session was just as crazy and only slightly less brief. Campbell was only second in popularity to comic book legend Stan Lee who also attended the Con, so you can imagine the line.  Campbell found it amusing that I got James Hong’s autograph, and called me “darlin'” which made me very happy.

Later on we attended Campbell’s Q&A session, which proved to be very hilarious.  (You can actually watch it here!)  He discussed the upcoming Evil Dead remake, cracked a few Pacific Northwest jokes, and then went on to answer a wide variety of questions from the audience.  The only question I could think of in my awe struck state (as I sat second row) was quickly asked by someone else in the audience, which was “What was your favorite part of filming Brisco?”  To which Campbell responded with “Just playin’ a cowboy. Playing a cowboy is an awesome thing.  It really is, but you gotta kinda figure out how to do it.  I had to learn how to ride for like thirty days.” and went on to discuss working with horses and the rocket car-train chase scene.

While very few, even in a room of full of Campbell fans, knew who I was, I had a blast, and look forward to possibly attending next year, that is if Bruce shows up again…or someone else I genuinely want to meet.

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