Travelin’ to Texas

Tomorrow morning Patrick and I are headed off to the Lone Star State!  Patrick will be there attending SXSW and I’m just tagging along, because, well, I can!  I’ve never been to Texas, and I’m pretty excited!

There’s a lot to do in Texas, and I know I won’t be all I want, mainly because I’ll just be in Austin.  But I’ve got a list of vintage shops, antique malls and thrift stores to check out (in hopes of finding some keen western wear) plus there is the LBJ Presidential Library to visit!

Worried about missing me? Don’t fret dear readers!  I bought a new laptop (in case you didn’t know, I normally blog from a large iMac) just for all of these trips…since, well, there’s going to be a few this year.  Just a week after we return from Austin, we’ll be off to Palm Springs and a few months after that we’ll be in Florida.  So now I can blog from wherever!

Stay tuned when I’ll be coming at you from Austin!

11 thoughts on “Travelin’ to Texas

  1. I only went to Texas once… but just while crossing the USA along route 66… so only visit the north. I have heard Austin is a nice city! You are lucky to have so much trips planned! Palm spring was really pleasant to visit with all this modern architecture!
    For us it will be L.A. and after Vegas… just one week to wait!!!
    Have a nice trip…

  2. I just got back from my first trip to Austin. I got two great dresses at New Bohemia on South Congress. They also seemed to have a decent selection of western wear. I wouldn’t say they were a bargain, but the prices were definitely better than here in San Francisco, and the folks working there were super nice.

  3. Definitely shop on s Congress. I take my daughter there when she comes to visit! And make sure to go to Lucy in Disguise. 🙂

  4. Oh, I envy you….Texas, Florida, and Palm Springs! Gosh, I can just day dream of those places now, I sure wish I lived it up more like you when I was younger. Hope you have fun and can’t wait to see your goodies!

  5. How fabulously fun! I’ve never been to Texas and can’t wait to learn about, and see more of, it via your posts.

    Wishing you endless luck on the Lone Star state vintage shopping front, dear Janey!
    ♥ Jessica

  6. Have a great time! The state capitol building is also in Austin and is a wonderful example of architecture. Check it out if you get a chance (after searching the vintage shops of course!)

  7. I actually live an hour from Austin and in all honesty I have had luck 3 times in Austin as far as vintage goes. Not as much western wear as you would think either but you seem to have waaaay! better luck than me! It’s a much more hipster place IMO

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