Travelin’ to Texas

Tomorrow morning Patrick and I are headed off to the Lone Star State!  Patrick will be there attending SXSW and I’m just tagging along, because, well, I can!  I’ve never been to Texas, and I’m pretty excited!

There’s a lot to do in Texas, and I know I won’t be all I want, mainly because I’ll just be in Austin.  But I’ve got a list of vintage shops, antique malls and thrift stores to check out (in hopes of finding some keen western wear) plus there is the LBJ Presidential Library to visit!

Worried about missing me? Don’t fret dear readers!  I bought a new laptop (in case you didn’t know, I normally blog from a large iMac) just for all of these trips…since, well, there’s going to be a few this year.  Just a week after we return from Austin, we’ll be off to Palm Springs and a few months after that we’ll be in Florida.  So now I can blog from wherever!

Stay tuned when I’ll be coming at you from Austin!

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