Merry March Expo

This weekend brought one of my favorite things…the big Palmer-Wirf Antique Expo!  There was so much to see and so much to buy, for the first time, it almost felt, dare I say it? Overwhelming.  And I’ve never felt that way about Expo ever before!  I’ve been going to Expo since I could walk! No joke. My mother enjoys telling the story of how I was traditionally given $5.00 which was my money to spend on anything I wanted. One show I saw a beautiful porcelain headed baby doll, complete with darling white gown and bonnet. But she was $5.00, and I looked at the dealer, pointed to the doll, and said “Four?”  The dealer looked from me to my mother and said “Well, I see you’ve got her trained.”  Anyhow, the point is, this show shouldn’t be overwhelming to me, but this show had a ton of vintage clothing dealers.  And my heart fluttered at nearly every booth that hailed vintage garments and accessories.  Anyhow, so I came home with quite a lot…

It’s no secret I have a passion for anything that is Mexican themed, and I picked up this delightful blouse from Julie of FabGabs.

I also was able to score rabbit fur trimmed overshoes! I’ve been dying for a pair for ages, however most of the time they were not only more than I wanted to spend, they often were not in my size!

Picked up this darling dress by “sir rob” from That’s Swank!

I bought a boat load of gloves…Because ya know, you’re a total vintage slut if you don’t go out with gloves on!

Also took home some barkcloth…

I rarely buy dishes (except Starburst) but I couldn’t resist this hand-painted Mexican themed bowl by Ransburg.

Then I scored not one, but THREE amazing 40s tilt topper hats!  First off is this stellar brown one…

Followed by this top hat-esque cellophane straw hat.

The third is by far my favorite. I’ve dreamed of a 40s top hat tilt topper for eons…

Guh. Seriously, right? It’s going to need its own blog post down the road in order to do it any justice…

So, all in all, a pretty gosh darn good show!  I hope you all had a good weekend!

16 thoughts on “Merry March Expo

  1. Oh my GOODNESS, that last hat. And the gloves! (I especially like the black and gold pair and the royal blue ones…)… and the overshoes. Some day, I will get a pair in my size… I think.

  2. How were you able to get the correct size for your overshoes?
    I have a pair of slip on overshoes, I got them in my regular shoe size. Yet when I put the overshoe on my shoe its a tight fit. The problem I’m having is when I remove my overshoes the only way to remove them from my shoes is to take my shoes off and yank the overshoe off.

  3. Amazing finds! I love the vintage overshoes, I’ve also been looking for a pair of those for ages, and had the same issues that you did (price and size), so I’m a bit jealous that you found a pair.

    And, yes, you are a total vintage slut if you don’t go out with gloves. 😉

  4. Those hats are beautiful! I wish we had expos like this in Australia – if we ever DO have them, there’s barely anything from the 40’s and what there is, is all overpriced. Hats are always $200+ here and that’s for 50’s ones in good nick. One day I will come to America with thousands of dollars and post a whole boatload of things back home! One day! 😉

  5. Ahhh! I’ve been wanting galoshes like that for so long! What a score! Also, if you ever get rid of that brown hat… Lord knows I adore open crowns…. Teehee;)

    Xo Sara

  6. Be still my heart, what incredible hats – a mini 40s tilt top hat like that has been on my vintage wish list for years upon years, too. All of these pieces are incredible! Awesome finds/additions to your wardrobe, sweet gal.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I am oohhing and ahhing all over the place. That top is the most feminine mexican blouse I’ve ever seen, the shoes look so snuggly soft apricot dress was made for you! I love the vintage slut comment re the gloves- he he. xx Shauna

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