Our 1954 Home: Windows

I totally meant to do this post before Christmas decorations went up, but I got so swept up in wanting to decorate for Christmas I completely forgot to photograph for this post! Anyway, today I bring you another installment of “Our 1954 House” showcasing our window treatments.

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Springtime Tea

To make a very long story short, a huge array of plans went south over the weekend, including my birthday plans. Complications with headaches and last minute necessary events happened and ultimately Patrick rescheduled my birthday celebrations.  But the one thing that did go very well was a small tea hosted by Solanah of Vixen Vintage.  She baked a few of us gals delicious treats and brewed tea as we enjoyed a peaceful afternoon of chatting and kitties.  The afternoon was so much of a delight, I forgot to take pictures of the afternoon, except my outfit!

A few days prior to the tea I picked up these fabulous Lucite handles at Antique Alley and promptly went home, pulled out some barkcloth I had also purchased at the Alley ages ago, and whipped together a purse!  And I couldn’t resist bringing it to the tea, so I revolved this whole outfit around it.

What I love so much about the fabric is that it allows me to incorporate brown (a color I have a lot of) as a spring color, which I did with this glorious 40s jacket.

Earrings: Expo
Jacket: Puttin’ On The Ritz (which sadly suffered from a fire and closed-their salvageable inventory went to FabGabs)
Sweater & Gloves: Don’t recall
Deer Brooch: Thrifted
Purse: Made by me! Which items found at Antique Alley
Skirt: Coburg Antique Fair
Stockings: Retro Seams – Coffee, What Katie Did
Shoes: Aerosoles by way of Buffalo Exchange

Merry March Expo

This weekend brought one of my favorite things…the big Palmer-Wirf Antique Expo!  There was so much to see and so much to buy, for the first time, it almost felt, dare I say it? Overwhelming.  And I’ve never felt that way about Expo ever before!  I’ve been going to Expo since I could walk! No joke. My mother enjoys telling the story of how I was traditionally given $5.00 which was my money to spend on anything I wanted. One show I saw a beautiful porcelain headed baby doll, complete with darling white gown and bonnet. But she was $5.00, and I looked at the dealer, pointed to the doll, and said “Four?”  The dealer looked from me to my mother and said “Well, I see you’ve got her trained.”  Anyhow, the point is, this show shouldn’t be overwhelming to me, but this show had a ton of vintage clothing dealers.  And my heart fluttered at nearly every booth that hailed vintage garments and accessories.  Anyhow, so I came home with quite a lot…

It’s no secret I have a passion for anything that is Mexican themed, and I picked up this delightful blouse from Julie of FabGabs.

I also was able to score rabbit fur trimmed overshoes! I’ve been dying for a pair for ages, however most of the time they were not only more than I wanted to spend, they often were not in my size!

Picked up this darling dress by “sir rob” from That’s Swank!

I bought a boat load of gloves…Because ya know, you’re a total vintage slut if you don’t go out with gloves on!

Also took home some barkcloth…

I rarely buy dishes (except Starburst) but I couldn’t resist this hand-painted Mexican themed bowl by Ransburg.

Then I scored not one, but THREE amazing 40s tilt topper hats!  First off is this stellar brown one…

Followed by this top hat-esque cellophane straw hat.

The third is by far my favorite. I’ve dreamed of a 40s top hat tilt topper for eons…

Guh. Seriously, right? It’s going to need its own blog post down the road in order to do it any justice…

So, all in all, a pretty gosh darn good show!  I hope you all had a good weekend!