July Expo Finds

What a weekend.  I can honestly say that I am beat! This last weekend brought the huge summer antique show at the Expo Center.  While the March and October Expos are great, the July one takes the cake.  An additional 400 dealers join the party, bringing the number up to 1,400 and I went all three days of the show! Friday I went with my good friend Lyndsie, proprietress of Retro Rejuvenation, and she also tagged along on Saturday when my dad and his girlfriend, Ann came.

Picture courtesy of Anne of Shop Vintage Portland

On Sunday I went with Patrick. Yeah, three days of antiques, you’re bound to find something! And I found lots! So gear up for a picture heavy post of my haul!

I scored three Squaw/Fiesta/Patio (call ’em what you will) dresses!  And all three are different than ones I have!

Another wonderful trio were these three hats I picked up! Two are New York Creations, while the cream one with black beads is a Setson!

I can’t get enough of vintage clam digger capris, and I was so excited when I found these green jeans from one of my friends’ spaces!

But I think my favorite clothing find was this 1940s fringe leather jacket.  It has a wonderful pink-ish hue to it, that makes it different than other fringe jackets.

I also bought some accessories… such as this wonderful multi-colored belt (from a favorite vendor of mine, That’s Swank!), and a twin to my copper belt I bought a few weeks ago, but this time in silver!

I also found several fun bracelets, including a handcuff like one, another sweetheart bracelet, and two wonderful plastic bangles!

I also added to my stocking collection, but I think the box is better than the stockings!

I also found several fun western themed bits and bobbles! Barkcloth (which I think will be turned into pillows.  Don’t worry! It’s just scrap, not a full curtain or anything!), a wooden brooch and a fun donkey and covered wagon planter!

But by far the best piece was this wallet I bought.  I found this tooled leather wallet, which on the side I could see read “Ray”, which was my grandfather’s name.  While I never met the man, he means a lot to me, since I hear so many wonderful stories about him.  I figured the wallet would have some sort of horse theme or another western theme to it, as most do, which would be great, as my dad’s family rode horses, but I turned the wallet over to discover it was even better…it had jalopy racing on it. And my grandfather raced jalopies.

I clutched the wallet tight, and told the dealer about my grandfather.  I can’t help but think maybe this was his.  It’s just sad that no one seems to recall for sure if he had something like this.

Well, that wraps it up!  There are a few more antique shows between now and the next Expo, and I can’t wait!

17 thoughts on “July Expo Finds

  1. Such an incredibly awesome haul! I adore that beautiful green tilt hat so, so much! I’m a daydreaming nostalgistic, so I totally think that your new tooled wallet could have belonged to your beloved grandpa. There’s nothing to say it didn’t!

    Thank you for sharing your bevy of fabulous vintage finds with – going to Expo is a huge dream of mine.

    ♥ Jessica

    • You certainly did well, congrats! I think your grandfather wanted you to see and buy that wonderful wallet.
      You may be tired, but your so rich in happy memories and happy items for sure !

      Sierra Sue

  2. Omg, I can’t wait to see you in the yellow dress!! And girl… if you ever wanna part with those handcuffs, you know who to call. Lord knows I’m still ruing the day I didn’t buy the bakelite & celluloid version. I’m going to be hunting those down til the day I die. Ugh!

    xo Sara

  3. You did have a great haul! If you ever tire of that cream hat drop me a line and I will snap it up-DIVINE! We don’t have anything anywhere near as big as that here in Australia…my mind is boggling as to how you got through it all in just 3 days. I can’t wait to see those dresses on you! xx Shauna

  4. Cuuuuute clam diggers! Love your Renoir belts…I’m always searching for vintage ads/photos with women wearing these belts to see what clothing they paired them with, but I haven’t had any luck. If you ever come across any, would love to see you do a post on them ;). Great patio dresses, can’t wait to see you in them.

  5. lucky girl, you got your hands on some amazing finds! i saw flyers and posters for the antique market when i was in portland … and i was truely sad that i missed it. especially now, i know this market can be more than great. we spent less then 24 hours in portland, just trying to meet dearly missed friends as much as possible. so i was just able to pop in only one vintage store: ‘simply vintage’.
    as always your new squaw dresses are my fav finds of your vintage shopping haul. can’t wait to see them worn.

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