Boys and Their Cars

Here’s another peek into my vintage photograph collection… Growing up with a hot rodder for a dad, I have a very strong passion for old cars.  Heck, my dad could be a series of posts, or even a whole blog. But right now, we’ll leave him outta the spotlight.  The point is, one of the subject matters I’m drawn to in pawing through old photographs is cars. Especially people and their cars.  I have a variety of photographs of people and their cars, but today focuses on boys and their cars.

Do you look for anything specific when sifting through old photos?

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7 thoughts on “Boys and Their Cars

  1. Yes.. Usually I check out not only the clothing (men and women) but the backgrounds.
    The houses/plants/etc ! Yeah, I check it all out. Love every one !

  2. Awesome element of vintage photography to shine the spotlight on – my step-dad (who worked in the auto industry for much of his adult life, before retiring from it a few years back and setting up a flooring and contracting business) would thoroughly love this fun post.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I look for photos of people wearing sportswear and travel clothing. I have to be able to see the details, and I’m always looking for something I’ve never before noticed.

    Love your guys!

  4. I love old photos with people in beach/vacation themes. I also love any old photos with “woody wagons” in them. My dad was an only child in CA and very spoiled. When he was a teen his parents bought him a woody wagon, he loved surfing, and hauled his buddies and boards in the wagon.

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