Sun and Sombreros

When I was at Fabric Depot buying fabric for my hearse dress, I stumbled upon some pretty gosh darn marvelous fabric that I couldn’t help buying as well.  The print came in three different color schemes and I selected two, one to make a dress, and the other to make this blouse…

Patrick found these buttons and I quickly approved of them.  I thought they were perfect because they reminded me a bit of a Mayan pyramid.  Normally I don’t go for anything Mayan in flair (or Inca or Aztec for that matter), but I felt it worked well with the print as well as the color scheme.

It’s my first blouse, and I ran into a few problems, and while I’m not 100% happy with the construction, I still adore it.  I’m in need of blouses and hope to conquer more blouse patterns in the future.  But next on the sewing table is the dress using the other color scheme of this print.

I also purchased my first pair of Minnetonka moccasins!  I had been avoiding them, since the hipsters really love ’em, but I was in desperate need of a comfortable, casual shoe that worked with my western and Mexican themed wardrobe. I adore them and am thinking I need a pair in every color.

Blouse: Made by me! Simplicity 4356 (slightly and unintentionally altered)
Silver Palm Tree Brooch: Living Threads Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Western Themed Charm Bracelet: Gift from my dad, always being added too.
Jeans: Freddies of Pinewood
Belt: Thrifted by my dad!
Moccasins: Thunderbird by Minnetonka, by way of the Portland Outdoor Store

24 thoughts on “Sun and Sombreros

  1. this outfit is perfect! that print is amazing and you did a great job on the blouse! i got my first pair of minnetonkas not too long ago and love them as well. i’ve been pining for some pinewoods, yours look great on you. can’t wait to see how you use that print for a dress!

  2. I’m always impressed when people finish sewing projects. I find they are so easy to start – so difficult to finish!

    The blouse looks great!

  3. Uh…to cute for words! Great job on the blouse. The moccasins, aren’t they classic early 60’s, just love them.

  4. My goodness Lady you are a champion of novelty fabric old & new!! The blouse looks great & works so well with your outfit. You always put thought into your details which I admire & try to do myself! Keep ’em coming xxx

  5. What beautiful and striking colours on you! You did a great job sewing this blouse- I personally would rather sew a whole dress than a blouse…I have only attempted one and admitted defeat after struggling along for quite some time. Beautiful. xx Shauna

  6. I am hoping to make my first blouse soon too. You did a fabulous job!!! I do not see any problems. I would love to know some of the issues you encountered as maybe I might have the same. Great print and just lovely!!

  7. Oh forgot to ask I saw some if these patterns reasonably priced and it isn’t easy to find really nice blouse patterns. Would you recommend this pattern?

    • I found the instructions on this pattern difficult to understand, and it took me looking at one of my vintage blouses (that was homemade) to understand how it really went together in the collar area, which is where I encountered some problems. Also, I found this pattern to be a little on the short side for me. I wish I would have lengthened it.

      With vintage patterns, 99% of them are single page instructions, because I think that a lot of the pattern makers felt “Oh, you know how to do this.” So the explanations are brief. Contemporary patterns have multiple pages of instruction.

  8. Love the outfit. I think you did a great job on the blouse! It’s funny you’ve been avoiding the Minnetonka’s; I have been too, but then this week I caved and bought some at a trading post on my way home from the West 🙂 I love them too and now want a pair in every color!!

  9. You selected just wonderful pattern and colors for yourself. Great job all around !
    I’ve sewn for many years, but retail therapy works best for me now !
    I’m still a mean crochet/embroidery/quilting nut !

  10. That fabric could not be more suited to your style! I can’t wait to see the dress you’re making.
    You look fabulous and glowing as always!


  11. Janey darlin’, you keep knocking your handmade garments out of the ballpark, let me tell you! This top is so, so fantastically fun and vibrant – I feel like dancing or having a party just looking at it. Love how you styled it – and the fab buttons Patrick found for it (he has a real knack for buttons!).

    ♥ Jessica

  12. I love your blouse! That fabric is just fabulous, I’m totally envious of that amazing print! I own a few pair of Minnetonka moccasins for the very same reason, they just can’t be beat for casual Western and Mexican styles! And yes you do need all the colors, I have the same pair you’re wearing in maroon and in white. lol

  13. Yep, this is amazing. I can’t handle all the button-downs floating around the vintage world anymore…. meaning I bought a similar pattern and hopefully I’ll be churning them out in vast numbers for myself. 🙂 You’re great inspiration!

  14. I just need to say that I am having major cravings for all things Western and Mexican the last few months, and it’s 100% your fault. I live in Boston, for crying out loud! But now I have a bunch of stuff due ONLY to your blog, and how awesome you make everything you touch.

  15. That blouse is so adorable! You should be proud! Minnetonka moccasins are a favorite of mine, can’t go wrong , so comfortable. Keep up the good work!

  16. That is such a fantastic blouse, you have such a nack for western themed items, great job.

    I too am on the fence about buying moccasins but they look so comfortable. I’ll have to look around for some knock of brand, I wonder if Payless sells moccasins.

    • Hi! I can’t say with certainty which jeans I own, as I bought them off of Ebay actually. I was hesitant to drop such a large wad of cash on pants that I couldn’t try on, and found these for less on Ebay. But, based on the zipper, pockets, and length, I believe these to the The Classics.

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