Animal Friends

When sifting through vintage photos I don’t actively seek images of people and their pets, but every so often I come across a few gems that I feel I just have to pick up or they show up in an album that I happen to buy. So today I share with you people from the past and their animal friends…

This one of a girl and two pigs I thought was really interesting. It’s the same girl as the one of that includes two calves just above, so I assume she lived on a ranch. I was really drawn to her swell casual look, but I just adore the hand-written caption on the back of the pig photo…

If you can’t make it out, it reads “The little sow is my Suzie and the other one as our Xmas dinner – (that’s me in the middle in case you didn’t know)” What a sense of humor!

The top photo is my favorite. It’s beautifully composed, with a wonderful setting, and has aged to get just the right sepia tone to it. Also, she’s riding a horse in shorts! Let’s talk about how bad-ass this girl must have been.

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5 thoughts on “Animal Friends

  1. Shorts AND a halter top!

    I love these. I have a few animal photos in my collection as well. It would be fun to just concentrate on one type of animal, say cats, or even a breed. Scotties, perhaps?

  2. I like the one of the woman on the horse also. The childrens photos too. Check out those names ” Delbert & Dwayne. But I’m really partial to the girl with her sow “Suzie” ;).

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