Real Fashionable Ladies Vol. 2

I began sharing my vintage photograph collection by showcasing photographs of well dressed women, which is one of the main things I look for when going through old photographs.  I love the true looking glass into the past that these photographs provide. Today I share with you even more fashionable ladies from my vintage photograph collection.

Any guesses as to why this lady is fashionable?  This is actually the only photograph I’ve come across with a woman wearing a Mexican tourist jacket!

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8 thoughts on “Real Fashionable Ladies Vol. 2

  1. Oh these are great! Keep em coming! I give you a lot of credit for finding these photographs. It isn’t really that easy to find such lovely fashionable women in vintage photographs.

  2. Too cool – I think that might be the first real world (aka, not magazine) photo I’ve seen of someone sporting a Mexican tourist jacket, too.

    Do you find sometimes when you look at photos like this, that you can’t help but name the people in them in your head (assuming, that is, that names aren’t provided for them on the front or back of the image). I often do (and they nearly always get given classic names, not ones that have come into vogue in more recent decades).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I enjoy fashion plates and pattern illustrations and models in vintage ads, but there’s nothing compares to pictures of real people wearing real clothes and looking fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some great photographs here. I like the full length dress with the flower corsage and one in her hair to match. My favourite is Evelyn in her spotty dress, love the name and the outfit!

  5. Oh, how beautiful! see the first photo? the girl on the left, with the gloves on her hand? Her coat is what I have been trying to find, but it’s impossible!

    Keep up the good work, AR

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