Real Fashionable Ladies

One of the main reasons I think many of us are drawn to old photographs is the fashion.  While old movies and patterns are great insight into periods of interest, photos are the perfect looking glass because they reflect real people in real clothes.  So here is a sampling (with more to come!) of some of the fashionable ladies I have collected…

I adore this woman in her pantsuit! It’s pretty crazy fantastic!

I hope you enjoyed!

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15 thoughts on “Real Fashionable Ladies

  1. I love old photographs for the same reason! And the hair, it’s always so nice to see how normal, everyday women wore their hair. I love the photo of the woman with the veil and the corded detail on her suit! So pretty.

  2. Absolutely awesome post, honey! Much like you, I draw a tremendous amount of inspiration from real world women of the past. Sure, I love looking at vintage starlets as much as the next gal, but I feel like I can related to, and connect with, “ordinary” (as in, not famous) ladies of the past so much more and as such I will always have the softest of spots in my heart for beautiful photos like these.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. The lady in the veiled hat looks a bit like Barbara Stanwyck don’t you think?? I love seeing these old photos, and it’s particularly nice when ladies from other ethnic backgrounds are included because you just don’t get to see them in vintage magazines and adverts from the eras.

    P x

  4. The lady labelled as ‘Mary’ and I would love to recreate the hair and hat of the lady in the 4th photo from the top.They’re all great though.

  5. What a great collection of images. I adore the pantsuit and the lady in the veiled hat is amazing, so much great inspiration.

  6. Love them! It’s my favorite to see real women, too. What they wore and how they styled their hair in particular. I so want to give two thumbs up to the woman in the amazing pants suit, holy cow!! And I love Ann with her touseled curls (Ann, you’re a woman after my own hair)… looks a bit like there’s a UFO in the back right of the photo if you just glance and don’t realize it’s attached to the tower. lol!

  7. Love the photos of the mothers. The last one reminds me of my daughter, I used to dress her in the little shorty dresses and knee highs. My mom just sent me a box of old family photos. There is beautiful pictures of girls/women in those drop waist dresses, from the 20’s/30’s I believe? I use them to decorate my vanity. Love old photos!

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