Style Me Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Hey Hiddy Hey! It’s time for a giveaway!  Today I’m offering up the swell Style Me Vintage: Hair book by Belinda Hay, which is part of the wonderful Style Me Vintage series!

I have used this book to great success (the Poodle being my favorite! I would never have known if it weren’t for this book!) and highly recommend it. It includes wonderful step-by-step instructions and images to get you looking like a movie star from the golden age of Hollywood.  The book will get you used to terms, phrases and tools for styling your hair.  It’s a great launching pad for understanding how hair works and will give you the confidence to go forward with other styles you’ve seen and maybe some of your own invention as well!

What I love about this book is that most of the styles include instructions for doing your own hair.  This is something I struggled with Vintage Hairstyling, which is still a swell book, but more if you wish to learn how to do hair on other gals.

The Styles

-Finger Waves & Pin Curls
-Forties Wave (The Peek-a-Book)
-Victory Rolls
-The Poodle
-Fringe Roll aka Bumper Bangs
-Fifties Set (The Marilyn)
-Quiffs (The Pompadour)
-Beehives – The Joan and the Bridgitte
-Bouffant (The Jackie O.)

The Rules

1. “Like” Atomic Redhead on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, whichever your preference is.
2. Comment below with which style you would look forward to learning the most.
3. You are allowed to enter only once.
4. Cross your fingers!

The giveaway ends Wednesday evening at 11:59 pm PST.  The winner will be selected using and announced Thursday!  The winner then has three days to send me their mailing information for me to send them the book.  Failure to do so means I select a new winner.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with the author or publisher of this book. I have not been approached in any way to do this giveaway. It is of my own choice.

63 thoughts on “Style Me Giveaway! **CLOSED**

  1. ooh ‘poodle’ after I saw it done amazingly well on a beautiful redhead at an event.

  2. Such a neat book! I follow/like you through Facebook and get your posts via e-mail.
    I’d go for the Victory Rolls first. Something to dress up or down as I am a very practical and comfort-first person 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway! =D
    *fingers crossed!*

  3. I want to learn both the fifties set and the forties wave!
    I have such a hard time accomplishing a truly vintage looking hairstyle. 😦
    I liked you on Facebook as well!

    Love your Instagram BTW.

  4. I’m obsessed with the look of the Forties Wave but have been unsuccessful in achieving that style. I would weclome the chance to get my hands on this book.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    (p.s. I love your blog)

  5. I would most like to learn how to do finger waves. My hair tends to be fine and flat and so getting any oomph takes time. “tricks” and “short cuts” I am sure would be worth lots!

  6. I would love to learn how to do the forties wave! I follow you on facebook as well as on etsy. Crossing my fingers for this one!

  7. I would have said the fringe roll.. if I hadn’t just chopped my bangs again! Everything sounds lovely but I would love to learn the fifties set. 🙂

  8. I’d love to learn how to do finger waves but since I’ve heard they’re especially difficult perhaps The Pompadour is in my near future if I win the giveaway! 🙂

  9. The Marilyn!! I think my hair probably about the right length for it, and not many of the others 😛

  10. Woohoo!! What a lovely giveaway ~ I remember seeing this book years ago and regret not buying it ! I would love to know how to do the Marylin set 😄
    Loving your insty account , now following you on fb !

  11. Probably victory rolls. I’m always looking for new methods on how to do them, I just can’t seem to get my hair to roll into the right shape!

    Thanks so much for giving away a copy of this book, Janey! You’re a doll!

  12. Ooh I need this book! It’s hard to choose just one style, but right now I’m into the bouffant 60’s looks, so I’ll have to say the beehive.

  13. Oh I would love to know how to do vintage hair, I have to enter this giveaway!

  14. I already follow you on Twitter, and just went over to like your FB page! I would most like to learn finger waves, as I have tried in the past (with minimal success) so it’s time to give this style another go! 🙂

  15. I would love to learn the Poodle. I’ve always struggled with it. …And the bouffant for my Mister. I’ve been following you on FB and Twitter for ages now. Love it all!

  16. Victory rolls, since I’m still wearing the “faux victory rolls”, but you got to start somewhere!

  17. Just signed up for a twitter account (im so behind the times) so I can follow you. Would love to learn the victory rolls, I always envy yours! Also since the 50s is my favorite decade, would love to learn the Marilyn.

  18. Victory Rolls and how to get a curl in my stuburn straight hair… I have to left hands ( not really – but I have fibromyalgia and CFS/ME …) and every time I’ve been watching tutorials it al looks sooo easy…. here it end with the brushes , bobby pins , combs flying through the living room and my arms hurting….I would really love to have this book… it would be a very welcome help !!

  19. I’m looking forward to learning how to do The Marily. I just recently cut my hair short and need some new styles 🙂

  20. I’ve wanted Marilyn hair for so long – maybe this book will be the one that helps me get it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. Ask me a month ago and I would have said victory rolls, which are my kryptonite… However, I’m now desperate to perfect a beehive, and am growing out my hair to be long enough!

  22. This book looks great! I would live to try a beehive and finger waves. I love your blog by the way, very cute!

  23. I would love to learn some different versions of beehives since I sometimes dabble with 60’s fashion (I’m mainly a 50’s girl). I liked you on facebook.

  24. I have always wanted to try some of the hair styles back then. I just love the victory roll too. Every time you come into the shop you always look so classy with the vintage styling and outfitting it just wants me to get better at it. Wish me luck? Tami The Foundation

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