Bathing Beauties

It looks as if summer is upon us! The pool just opened at our apartment, and I thought it a perfect time to share the real life bathing beauties (and other beach frolicking photos) from my vintage photo collection…


And I’ve saved my favorite for last…

What is going on here?! Well, thank goodness one of the gals in this photo wrote what was happening on the back!

In case you can’t make it out, it reads “Isabel + I examine a jelly fish the boys speared (the look like tiny parachutes in the water + can they sting!)” How crazy is that?

Swimsuits may be the one thing that I long for the styles of the most.  Contemporary suits often lack the style (and coverage) of the suits of days gone by.  There were so many wonderful details and prints!

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12 thoughts on “Bathing Beauties

  1. I love these photos! I agree with you – contemporary swimsuit styles aren’t great! I am in desperate need of a 1940s two piece playsuit but have yet to find one in my size or budget!

    • I have been DYING for a 40s two-piece as well! And it’s impossible to find one for under $100 it seems. 😦 I broke down and bought a Bettie Page one-piece a few months ago because I desperately needed a new swimsuit.

  2. Such splendidly lovely vintage summertime lasses! One thing that I always adore about yesteryear swimsuit snaps is how many women seemed to be okay with their (super real world, completely gorgeous just as they were) bodies compared to nowadays. One sees cute little bellies, various rolls, cellulite, and all the those elements so many women have always had, yet today so many feel they have to cover 24/7 at the beach. For someone like me with major body image (and self-esteem) issues, this is always really inspiring and encouraging.

    ♥ Jessica

    • Well said, Jessica! Exactly what I was thinking. Plus, OMG! Their thighs are touching! And yet– they look gorgeous! How is such thing possible?! 😉

      Thanks for sharing, girl! The closest thing I have come to a somewhat authentic style 1940’s/1930’s suit is the What Katie Did once piece. Bought it on sale and ugh, it’s just so amazing and really nice quality.

  3. These are just fabulous! It’s so fun to take a peak back at everyday life. You truely have some vintage gems in your collection. It’s like you were tagging along for the occasion as dedicated photographer:).

  4. Love these photos! I especially adore that in the 40s everyone did their hair to go to the beach, all of the ladies in these photos have their hair done so beautifully. I too am not a fan of modern swim wear! I find it leaves far too little to the imagination…and how can anyone actually do any swimming in something so flimsy without revealing everything….

    Also, I have to share with you ladies this fab Australian etsy seller (who posts internationally of course, some of you probably already know her work) and she makes the nicest 1940s beach wear! I plan on getting some made for myself!

  5. Oh man, these gals are adorable! The 7th one is definitely my favorite, with them running out of the water… pure glee! There’s definitely a reason modern women are still drawn to the old swimwear, even if they aren’t usually vintage wearers – because it’s flattering! It’s awesome there’s so many cute repro companies, especially for those hard to find two pieces. But if you’re looking for an old one…. Rose Marie Reid will always hold my heart. The woman knew how to glamify the hell out of curves, or create them if you’re a skinny gal (the grass is always greener, as my teensy friends like to remind me!)

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