Trouser Wearing Gals

So many of us hear about how World War II changed women’s fashion, most notably with reading it becoming socially acceptable for women to wear pants.  While I love me a lovely frock, I am always fond of a good pair of trousers.  And it seems there were quite a few other gals who loved ’em too.

This last one is my favorite.  Five pants wearing gals all together.  The back reads “Here you are all well + happy and my wishes for you to be always happy. Tom L Sotrion [I think, it’s rather difficult to read] Bandon Oregon”.  I wish the back would have given us a better clue as to what these ladies were doing.

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12 thoughts on “Trouser Wearing Gals

  1. You just have the most amazing set of vintage photographs:) These ladies are so stylish and so “real”. I love to see these scenes of everyday life. Great post!

  2. Ahhh these are all great! Something that’s always made me go ‘hrrmm’, wondering what you think. So as you mentioned, everyone talks about the war making it “ok” for women to wear pants, etc. But… women were already wearing pants through the 30s, right? (I see one pic of yours is from ’32, not to mention “giant pants of the 30s” if you will) So why does everyone attribute pants wearing to the war? Was it just not as common? Or was it only in the country gals were wearing pants, whereas you wouldn’t wear them “in town”? Maybe you know, you read more fashion history books than I do;)

    Thanks so much for sharing. The last one was my favorite too, droooool.


    • Prior to the war, women didn’t wear pants outside of very casual environments and events such as camping, manual labor, hiking, beach events, etc. Additionally, there were still a lot of men around. With the war (and so many men gone), women had a lot more to do around the house in addition to having a job. So pants became more practical for day-to-day life. Having a job in addition to housework, meant having less time to change clothing. So many a gal had to run errands before going to a job that possibly didn’t have a locker room to change into, so she needed to wear her pants out and about. Additionally, when things are a minority they are also often not as socially accepted (think about gay or interracial relationships – they are a minority, and, sadly, many people still don’t find them socially acceptable). So prior to the war, women wearing pants were in a minority, but when the war hit, so many women were wearing pants that it finally became a bit more accepted.

  3. I’ve worn skirts for sooooo many years that I’m a little hesitant to get back into trousers but images like these constantly inspire me to. Thanks for sharing Janey!

  4. Same here…big time!!! They make me believe that one day I’ll find a (non-denim) pair that actually looks half-decent on me.

    Wonderful photographs, dear Janey, thank you very much for sharing.

    ♥ Jessica

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