Wait…I’m a what!?

I recently read through a forum thread from which I was getting a lot of views from.  It discussed that some “vintage blogs” aren’t really “vintage” anymore.  While I was mentioned positively, and I understand the readers’ frustrations, I would also like to say that a person’s blog is their own.  It is for their own personal corner of the interwebs to do with what they please.  And I’d like to say that my blog is not strictly a “vintage fashion” blog.  It was never meant to be, as I stated on my “About” page.  Additionally, a blog is simply a journal that is published on-line.  While vintage is my “core”, I do like a wide range of things, and share them every so often.  They tend not to get a lot of comments or attention, but I’m fine with that. The entries also are few and far between, so I don’t get too much flack about the NASCAR entries or general “life” type posts.  But recently something new has entered into my life that I have already shared to a certain extent, but has now become something bigger.

What is this thing you ask? Cosplay.  First off, I really never considered myself a cosplayer until very, very recently.  Growing up, wearing costumes was just a normal thing.  I attended many midnight showings of films in costume, lived for Halloween and was active in theatre.  I’ve had longings of going to San Diego Comic Con, but other things always got in the way, but then, in February, Portland Wizard World happened and when I saw Bruce Campbell was on the bill, I immediately thought “Oh my gosh! Finally I get to meet Bruce Campbell and I have a serious excuse to make one of my all time favorite costumes, because dressing up is a thing people do at these events!”  I was just so excited to have an opportunity to wear a costume outside of Halloween, to focus on being accurate and make something amazing.  I blogged about making my Dixie Cousins costume to surprisingly wonderful comments! And then I attended the con and I had a blast.  But even dressed up in a costume, I still didn’t see myself as a cosplayer and I even felt out of place despite being surrounded by other people in costume.  And I think that is because I wasn’t wearing something in line with what a lot of other people were wearing, nor did I know who or what most of the other costumed attendees were!  I don’t play video games, nor am I into Anime or fantasy, but I do like sci-fi and comics to a certain degree, as well as “cult” films and television shows, which are also accepted into the community.  Furthermore the sci-fi, comic and cult films/tv shows I like tends to be very obscure or not very popular.  This combination of feelings led to the further disassociation as a cosplayer.

So, why am I talking about this now? Well, I recently began watching SyFy’s show Heroes of Cosplay.  I watched people spend sleepless nights and throw tantrums over the smallest details.  I listened to them talk about why they were doing it and gush about their favorite characters.  And it was like looking into a mirror.  A really, really scary mirror.  I saw myself and how I acted when making my Marion Ravenwood and Dixie costumes.  Then, I found out the dates and guest list for next year’s Portland Wizard World, and the guest list includes three of my all-time favorite celebrities.  Bruce Campbell (again!), Adam West and Billy Dee Williams. And immediately my mind began to churn with costume ideas tailored to each celebrity.  I was sketching out costumes, running to fabric stores and have hissy fits in the middle of said fabric stores over their lack of fabric.  Once again I saw myself in the cosplayers in the show. And I said, “Oh my god. I am a cosplayer.”

What this comes down to is that cosplay is a part of my life.  Days will be spent researching, sewing and attending events.  I want to share the process and events on my blog.  But I am by no means abandoning vintage for cosplay.  This entry is just more of a “Hey, I do this. Heads up! Don’t freak out when I blog about cosplay!”.  I’ll never abandon vintage, but I just want to share more of me with you.

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