Rose Tinted

I’ve been feeling rather overwhelmed the last week, and I don’t see this upcoming week being any better.  We have loads to do before packing up and flying to California next weekend, and I’m frantically trying to clean, do some last minute sewing (including making a whole new piece for Patrick’s costume because an item we thought would work didn’t!) along with following through with per-arranged social engagements.  But yesterday was our last really decent day for the foreseeable weather forecast and I just had to get out an enjoy it.

I’m truly not sure how much blogging I’ll get in before we find ourselves at the airport. But a little reminder, since we will be gone for awhile, The Atomic Hideaway will be going into vacation mode on Thursday, September 19th, and reopening September 30th. So if you see anything you like, buy now! Otherwise you won’t have the opportunity for awhile.  I also added a few more patterns to the LAST CHANCE category! So if you really like something there, buy it before it is gone for good! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Top (actually a 50s swimsuit): Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Wanderlust, Portland, Oregon
Embroidered Shawl: Gift
Scarf: Don’t remember…probably thrifted.
Bangles: Various
Earrings: Etsy, Aquanetta Vintage
Corn Necklace: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Bloomsburry by Re-Mix, by way of Buffalo Exchange

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