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Earlier this week, I had the pleasure of meeting up with Charlotte of Tuppence Ha’penny.  Charlotte actually hopped across the pond just for shopping! So she and I walked the streets of Portland on the hunt for vintage goodies, visiting such stores as BillyGoat, Magpie and Living Threads.  We also stopped in at Powell’s, which is a must for anyone visiting the Rose City.

Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera with me…so you’ll just have to enjoy some Instagram pictures.

However, I couldn’t have my outfit just Instagram’ed! It was too good!  So I had Patrick take some “real” pictures of my outfit when I got home, sans my jacket, since it was a bit of a detractor. And you can finally see this drop-dead amazing hat I scored recently.

That hat is one of the few things I found at the Coburg Antique Fair earlier this month.  For the most part, the show was a bit of a bust (obviously it was so dismal that it didn’t even get a blog post this year!). The show has rather shifted to cater to the country/shabby chic crowd.

I had a wonderful time with Charlotte, and it was so much fun showing her about Portland and sharing many of my favorite shops with her.  She found an incredible amount of vintage goodies to take back to the UK with her, and I am incredibly jealous of a hat she purchased, though I will admit it looked better on her than it did on me.

I’m hoping to get one more post in before we fly off to California! But if not, then I’ll coming to you from sunny southern California!

Hat: Coburg Antique Fair, Coburg, Oregon
Jacket: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Dress: Simply Vintage, Portland, Oregon
Stockings: Coffee by What Katie Did
Shoes: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Bangles: Various places here and there
Purse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon

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