Tiki Day

Yesterday brought Tiki Day at Disneyland.  Despite being only the second ever Tiki Day, there was quite a turn out!  I wore my second vintage Enchanted Tiki Room garment (the first being this), a homemade dress of the fabric guests could buy at the park in the 1960s…

Group days usually consist of activities done together throughout the day.  The first was a group photo in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, followed by the Jungle Cruise, where we proceeded to take over many, many boats.

Part of the extra excitement of Tiki Day was meeting fellow vintage blogger Suzanne of Sweetie Suz, who also put Tiki Day together.  We had met and had dinner the night before, and spent parts of the day together, including the opportunity to ride the Lilly Belle car along the Disneyland Railroad! Talk about a treat! I was giddy with excitement!

Later on in the day, we all lined up to take a tour of the Rivers of America on the Mark Twain.  It was great talking with such huge tiki fanatics, and admiring a bounty of tiki-wear! Many guests got very creative, including this stellar pair of tiki’ed out Mickey ears one gal made!

And to add another cherry atop this already fantastic day, Suzanne, her fiance, myself and Patrick were able to pilot the Mark Twain!

But of course you don’t spend the entire day with everyone attending, and Patrick and I went off on our own.  Patrick simply can’t go to Disneyland without getting some Dole Whip

And I had to meet Chip and Dale, who apparently fell head over heels in love with me! Which quite made my day.

Finally, near the end of the day, we all filed into the corral for the Enchanted Tiki Room.  We were lucky enough to have requested, and received Maynard for our host.  Maynard is a bit of a park celebrity to those who are regulars, since he is extremely expressive and highly entertaining with his myriad of voices.

I feel so lucky to have experienced another fabulous theme-day, along with so many other amazing experiences.

20 thoughts on “Tiki Day

  1. So great to meet you aboard the mark twain! Yes Maynard is our favorite!! We go everytime we see him outside! We have so much fun taking crazy pictures with him!

  2. OMG!!! I want to go to Disney in the US SO BAD! I went to the one in Hong Kong and it was a bit of a miss…but from what I’ve seen the US one is amazing.
    Ever since I went to my first Tiki Bar this year I have gone Tiki crazy hehe, now I just need some more Tiki dresses 😀 I absolutely love your dress and Patrick’s coconut shirt!

  3. Oh, how fun! It looks like you had a blast. I haven’t gotten to go to Disneyland very many times, but I imagine going to a theme day would just be wonderful fun… In fact, I I’m a little bit jealous! You and Patrick look great, and quite on theme, and the Tiki Mouse ears that you photographed are awesome!

  4. So happy I finally got to meet you in person this weekend! I’m positive this will not be our last meet up. Have a fantastic rest of your vacation!!

  5. I’ve been thinking of getting a vintage camera. I’m just waiting for the right price to come up. I am totally curious if any of these images were taken with your vintage camera. If not, I would really, really like to see a post with images taken from your vintage camera. Pretty please:) Oh, I must also comment…you dress is very lovely and very much matches the vibe of Tiki:)

    • Oh my gosh, I can’t rave enough about our vintage camera! If you take a peek at my other posts where we went to the park, you’ll see some of the images that camera produces! The color is just amazing! And because the lens is rather poor quality, the images come out kind of ethereal like…not sure how else to describe it, but I simply LOVE it!

  6. Awesome photos, and fantastic outfit! I’m sort of amazed that you got so many great pictures without people in them, haha. I wanted to go for Tiki Day so badly but we had a memorial service to attend. Oh my gosh and we had Maynard when we went last month, he’s the best! Mmmmm, dole whip…

  7. so glad you had such a great time at my old “stompin grounds”
    You both looked great, Thank you again for a trip down memory lane !

  8. Thank you SO much for sharing the great photos! We attended Dapper Day last (February?), but couldn’t get to Tiki Day. We’re in SoCal, so next year, for sure! Love your dress!!

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