Yesterday Patrick and I roamed around Hollywood for awhile.  Even without a car, we were able to make it to downtown LA via Metrolink, a commuter rail that connects much of southern California with Los Angeles’ Union Station.

Once at Union Station, we were able to take the subway on into Hollywood for a bit of sight seeing and shopping.

I was so happy to finally visit Zorro actor, Guy Williams’ star! Now if only he could get some recognition at Disneyland.

We stopped into a handful of vintage shops, and made a few purchases, but the shop I was most excited to visit was the What Katie Did shop.  While I’ve shopped on-line and own several of their bras, I had been really wanting to try on a few to really get a feel for how they fit.

The gal working was so pleasant and so knowledgeable! I highly recommend stopping in if you’re in the LA area, because there is a variety of bras and cuts that should truly be tried on.

And before heading back we stopped by one of my favorite houses of all time, the Sowden House.  Not only is it beautiful (designed by Lloyd Wright, Frank Lloyd Wright’s son), but it is also one of the suspected location of the murder of the Black Dahlia, Elizabeth Short, if you believe that George Hodel was responsible for the murder, that is.

Additionally, it has been in films, including one of my all time favorite films LA Confidential as well as The Aviator.  And, to top it all off, it’s freakin’ for sale! And no matter how much I begged Patrick, he wasn’t willing to cough up the $4.888 million to buy it. *sigh* I mean, come on, that’s not a bad price…right?

Tired feet and time kept us from doing more things, but I’m sure we’ll be back to LA at some point (although not on this trip) to explore more.

Back to Disneyland tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Hollywood

  1. I booked plane last month for an L.A. trip next April… early birds catch the best price 🙂 your pictures makes me want to go NOW!!!!! By the way we will also be in Portland hope to be able to meet you there!

  2. “But Patrick, we could live in the house where Elizabeth Short might have been butchered!”~

    I feel if nothing else then it would make an interesting conversation starter for dinner parties!

    Beautiful dress you’re wearing in the picture as well.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I love how so much of the 30s architecture still remains, and of course those 50s neon signs *sigh*. I would love to visit the WKD store (we don’t have any in Australia) and try on the bullet bras, since like you said, some of the cuts really need to be tried on first.
    I hope you win the lottery one of these days and buy the Black Dahlia house, it is exquisite.

  4. Beautiful photographs – what brilliant blue skies and picturesquely lovely sunshine you guys had that day. Hollywood/LA is one of my dream US travel destinations, and should I ever find myself there, I definitely plan to follow your lead and visit the Hollywood Walk of Stars, too.

    ♥ Jessica

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