Where Dreams Come True

Yesterday Patrick and I spent another wonderful day at The Happiest Place on Earth.  So gear up for a pretty picture heavy post!

After riding a few of the attractions in Fantasyland during our “Magic Morning” we hopped over to California Adventure to visit Cars Land and Tower of Terror.  And just when I was tugging at Patrick’s arm to get us back over to Disneyland, I saw Chip and Dale (who, if I haven’t mentioned before, are my favorite of Disney’s cartoon creations) in little 20s outfits! I rushed to snap a picture with them. It was pretty gosh darn amazing.

Later in the day, we made our way to the Guided Tours kiosk, to take the tour we scheduled prior to leaving.  Disneyland offers a pretty wide array of tours to its guests, from a basic Welcome to Disneyland Tour, to a fun scavenger hunt tour, holiday tours, and even horticulture tour. But the one I was most eager to take was the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps tour, one that focuses on Walt’s connection to the park itself.

Our guide was Omar, and he was so wonderful. He was polite, enthusiastic, and his admiration for Mr. Disney showed through as he took us about the park, pointing out details, explaining bits of history and answering questions.

The highlights of our tour were visiting two very exclusive locations inside Disneyland. First was the lobby of Club 33. For those of you unaware, Club 33 is a club, open only to members and their guests, located inside Disneyland located in the upper areas of New Orleans Square.  It offers fine dining, and is the only place in Disneyland where you can drink liquor (however over in California Adventure, you can get your hands on booze without such restrictions).

And to make it even more awesome, I got to press the elevator button!

I was so excited to be able to visit the lobby prior to the new renovations that will be occurring very soon (which I learned from Dave over at Daveland)

Then as our tour concluded, our last stop was Walt’s apartment. Yes. Seriously. While I had previously been able to visit Walt’s apartment located about Pirates of the Caribbean (when it was still the Disney Gallery, it has since changed to the extremely exclusive Dream Suite.  But Walt never actually spent time there, since it was completed after his death), Walt’s apartment above the Fire House has been off limits to guests. However, with this tour, guests are allowed to take a peek, learn more about the apartment.  Photos are not allowed, with the exception of one photo of your party.

It felt really special to be allowed into such an area, a place where Walt spent a lot of time, and it was great peeking out the window onto Main Street.

Our tour also included a meal, where we were able to chat more with our tour guide.  I highly recommend taking a tour if you have the time (most tours run two hours or so, ours was three), especially the Walking in Walt’s Footsteps one if you are a huge Disneyland fan.  You also get an exclusive pin, and the pins are themed to each of the different types of tours that are available!

And, because I’m a cool kid, I had to have a picture snapped with Omar, he was such a fantastic tour guide.

The rest of our day was spent here and there, enjoying various attractions, including the Columbia, which Patrick had never sailed before.

Tonight is Mickey’s Halloween Party! And I doubt I’ll be able to blog again before we head home, since we’ll be in the park until midnight the next two nights. I’m off to get ready!

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