Are You Ready for Halloween?

The real “goal” of going to Disneyland this go around was to attend one of Mickey’s Halloween Parties, something I’ve never done before.  These parties, which take place during select nights during the Halloween season, are the only time when those over the age of nine are permitted to wear costumes, and since I love costumes, Halloween and Disneyland, the event was right up my alley. So gear up for a pretty gosh darn picture heavy post!

I’ve been keeping my costume on the down low, as I do from time to time, but maybe a few of your figured it out after I posted some of my hair tests on Instagram, but here it is…

Patrick and I went as Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue from Disney’s Pecos Bill cartoon (not familiar with the cartoon? Watch it here!) from the 1948 film Melody Time.  And for big Disneyland fans, you may remember that The Golden Horseshoe was originally called Slue Foot Sue’s Golden Horseshoe, and even had a sign out front featuring Sue (see older images on Daveland’s site).

Today, the only remains of Sue and Pecos Bill are located just inside the Golden Horseshoe, in the frosted windows. Well, for Sue anyhow. Pecos Bill though is featured in one of the Frontierland shops atop two store displays.

Sadly, the cartoon has slid somewhat into obscurity, and only a handful of people knew who we were, mostly Cast Members. But I’m all about the obscure, and if you know who I am, then it’s as if we should automatically be friends.

In terms of sewing specs, the only thing where I used a purchased pattern was the blouse, and now I have misplaced the pattern, and can’t even tell you which one it is! I made the patterns for the vest, scarf, bows, as well as the catfish purse. The skirt is a circle skirt I made (using circle math!), while the gloves, boots, and hat were purchased.

We visited Big Thunder Ranch, where one of my favorite Disneyland gems, Billy Hill and the Hillbillies were playing…

There were also amazing pumpkin carvers, transforming pumpkins into various Disney characters…

We also visited with some of the various farm animals, including Poncho the donkey. I basically melted, he was so cute.

Big Thunder Ranch is also where Guests can meet some of their favorite Disney characters dressed in their Halloween best…including my favorites, Chip and Dale!

Guests of Mickey’s Halloween Party are allowed into the park at four o’clock, leaving time to mingle with other park guests, but as soon as it hits seven, non-party goers are requested to leave, and the party really begins! Trick-or-Treating is done throughout the park, where children and children at heart receive fruits, vegetables, and candy from Cast Members.  We parked early on in front of Sleepy Beauty’s Castle for what I was looking forward to the most: the Halloween Screams fireworks show.  We also gained prime seating for the Costume Party Cavalcade.

After the fireworks we made our way into Frontierland again and then into New Orleans Square to enjoy beignets and listen to the Cadaver Dans (a spooky take on the Dapper Dans)…

After our tasty sugar covered treats, we went to meet Jack and Sally, which was absolutely delightful!

We had so much fun enjoying all of the nifty Halloween exclusives, and I would love to go again!

Stay tuned for two more Disneyland entries! A more general one, followed by our 120 film post once the film is developed!

9 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Halloween?

  1. Majorly ready (okay, well, except for the fact that I haven’t locked in a costume yet – yikes!). Usually I start feeling giddy with excitement for Halloween come early September, but with everything (both the good and the bad) that transpired on our end throughout this month, it wasn’t until we returned home from Calgary, that I really felt that spark return and now Halloween can’t get here quickly enough for me!

    You two both look sensational! Awesome jobs on your costumes – that fish purse is as darling ad Halloween is fun! 🙂

    ♥ Jessica

  2. OH MY, you look so darn cute! What a great costume idea. You are just a spitting image of Slue foot Sue. Your costume is amazing, looks just like Sue’s. Pattrick matches you perfectly. Love the photos as always, so cute, the one of you and chip, or is that Dale. Especially adore the one of Daisy, she’s my favorite disney character, oh so girly in her costume. Great post!

  3. Oh man Janey, your costumes were the CUTEST! I Vaguely remember that cartoon from my childhood, oh wow!
    One day I hope to do the Halloween parties, next year lets cross our fingers!

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