Sunny Days…

I’m not quite sure what’s up with Portland lately…but we’ve had a rather large lack of rain and the next few days are slated to be in the 80s! And it’s May! What is going on!? I’m not complaining…it’s just…strange.  And I don’t quite trust the weather…like I’m betting we’ll be back to the 50s and rainy in a week or so.  But despite my distrust in the weather, I turned over my wardrobe to more summery duds… capris, sheer blouses and sleeveless dresses. Oh, how I’ve missed you all…

One fabulous thing about having friends who are in the antique and vintage industry is instant access to amazing pieces.  This dress and purse are prime examples.  Friends will find something that makes them think of me and with the joys of smart phones, they can snap a picture and send it to me, and I can instantly say yes or no.  So when Lyndsie came up earlier this week she brought with her a car full of treasures.  Meanwhile, I had been doing the same! I had a stockpile of items she had been interested in! And we just traded.  I was a pretty happy camper to get my hands on a sleeveless Squaw dress and a black tooled leather purse in addition to loads of other wonderful vintage goodies.

Dress & Purse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg
Belt: Stolen from a dress I got at Red Light
Shoes: “Bonnie” by Miss L Fire, Imelda’s, Portland
Earrings: Antique Alley, Portland
Bangles: Various places here and there

24 thoughts on “Sunny Days…

  1. Oh how beautiful! You are a vision in this mint dress, and I love how your handbag matches the black trim. Those shoes are verrry cute too, such a wonderful summery outfit! It must be amazing to have some nice sunny days for a change!

  2. Beautiful! I have to admit it is wonderful to have friends who know you so well. My favourite vintage skirt a friend picked up at an opshop and gave to me as she just knew my style (and size). I adore it and wear it every chance I get and think how lucky I am to have fabulous friends.

  3. I love vintage swaps! I’m always on the look out for items for friends in my travels through the op-shops, and trading makes it even better!

  4. Ooooh I *think* (?) I recognize the silhouette from Instagram! The outfit is fabulous, that aqua color is amazing. Love it will all the little pops of black, and that tooled purse– SWOON. Perfect!

    The weather was in the 80s and sunny here in Chicago for a few days and now it’s going to be in the 50s today and cloudy… so much for sunny days. ;P

  5. I love your dress – that colour looks gorgeous on you!

    I’m a bit jealous of the warm weather you’re experience. Here in Winnipeg it’s still below freezing in the mornings and overnight and we still have a bit of snow on the ground! It’s quite depressing, actually.

  6. I know just what you mean about not trusting the weather. Growing up in B.C. (especially once we moved to the Okanagan), the weather was relatively predictable, but then I ventured out on my own and ended up in places like Calgary, Toronto, and Ireland, where the weather was more apt to change on a dime (and/or be especially damp/humid), so I sort of grew more leery of trusting what the skies were up to no matter where I settled after that (even now that I’m back in the, often sunny, Okanagan). It’s awesome that you’re getting such lovely temps and sunshine – who knows, maybe they’ll stick around all summer long! (No harm in hoping! :))

    This outfit is so cute, sweet and fun! I just love mint green, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. Here in Tacoma it’s been sunny and in the low to mid-60’s. something is wrong. Ha!
    I love warm sunny weather.

    And your dress is beautiful.

  8. That mint colour is so beautiful on you! The dress has the most ruffly, rouchy details and yet looks so simple and elegant. I am very envious of your swap-meet acquisitions and look forward to seeing them as you wear them. xx Shauna

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