Birthday Fiesta

Over the weekend one of my friend celebrated his birthday, and with his Mexican heritage he encouraged his friends to incorporate Mexican elements into their ensembles for a visit to Disneyland, and while I never really need an excuse to break out any Mexican influenced garments, I do love a good excuse!

Peasant Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Painted Mexican Circle Skirt: Found by my dad
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Scarf: ???
Disney D Brooch: Match Accessories
Bangles: Here and there

Cacti Love

Last Friday Patrick and I went to Ladies’ and Gents’ Night Out on Magnolia in Burbank. The monthly event is like one big party, with food trucks, live music and lots of sales at the amazing shops along Magnolia. So I swung by some of my favorite shops, and then headed over to Pinup Girl Clothing‘s boutique. They always have a theme, along with treats, drinks, and games. This month’s theme was Tiki vs. Western Showdown, as PUG recently released a new western collection as well as a new tiki collection. I of course went western.

And with the games come prizes! I won the hula hoop contest, and received a gift certificate and one of their new colored whicker purses.

Honestly, I have been meaning to share these shoes for eons, because I freakin’ adore them! But I was waiting for the perfect outfit to debut them on the blog, and I only recently altered this skirt, and realized it was perfect for a cacti themed ensemble! Miss L Fire continues to make the most darling novelty shoes.

Peasant Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Skirt & Tooled Leather Purse: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Cacti Earrings & Brooch: Match Accessories

“It’s Called a Hustle, Sweetheart”

If you follow me on Instagram you may have spied I recently completed a parasol inspired by Disney Animation Studio’s recent film, Zootopia, which I quite enjoyed. Well, the other day I finally took it for a spin and Disneybounded as Nick Wilde.

Both Nick and Judy are currently at Disney’s California Adventure for meet-and-greets, however on the day I visited Judy was delayed in a meeting with Chief Bogo, and only met Nick, but he quite liked my outfit.

Seriously, this parasol may be one of my more detailed ones, with regards to line work, and the number of colors I used. I switched to using some really fine tip markers to do the line work. The fill is Nick’s “pawpsicles” and carrots to represent Judy, hinting to her her family carrot farm and her carrot pen.

So, remember all that Pin-Up Girl Clothing credit I won at their event, Pin-Up Parade? The top is one of the items I bought with it. Well, actually I bought a lot of their peasant tops (I think five so far…), since they have them in so many colors, I love me some peasant tops! Especially in colors! I really do dig them, but I have to say I find the sizing/measurements a bit off (sadly, like a lot of PUG stuff). I actually opted for a large for a couple of reasons. A medium did indeed fit, and was flattering in abdomen, however was uncomfortable in the arms, and the underbust seam wasn’t where it needed to be, under the bust. The large is better with both the arm and the underbust seam, however even at a large, it likes to ride up on occasion.

Peasant Top:  Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Fox brooch: Birthday present from a friend
Skirt: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Scarves & Bangles: ???
Zootopia Parasol: Made by me

One Sweet Vendula Purse

Recently I was contacted by Vendula London, the makers of extremely funky and unique bags, to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their purses from their latest Spring/Summer collection. What is so funny is that I actually spied one of these on Sammy’s blog, The Soubette Brunette, not too long ago, and was honestly contemplating one for myself! So, of course I said “yes” to their offer. I actually opted for the same design as Sammy, the Chocolatiers Shop Front, but went for a smaller version, the “Mini Purse Bag”, because I kind of have a purse problem, also I really wanted to see how the details scaled down.

My purse arrived in it’s own bright pink protective bag, and the purse itself is more adorable in person than it was on-line! Upon inspection I was amazed at how well all of the details, such as the treats in the window and the bicycle scaled down to such a small size.

Of course a smaller bag means it holds less. And for some outings that’s just fine. Like I wore this and took my Vendula out while we were house hunting the other day (that is an entirely different blog post in itself for a later time) in which case all I really needed was my wallet (which is actually a vintage cigarette case) and phone. The inside is almost just as cute as the outside, with a lining featuring icons of London, and a small pocket where you could store a few cards. Just for size reference I have an iPhone 6 with a relatively slim case. The purse is made of a sturdy vinyl, and the details are screen printed and sew on. This purse closes with a magnetic snap closure, that will not just pop open if you’re just going about your day. This purse features only a long cross-body strap, which could be shorted if desired by tying a new knot inside the purse. I left mine at the length it arrived in.

Overall I am very impressed by Vendula’s attention to detail and the craftsman ship. I look forward to what other fun designs they come up with in the future.

Many of Vendula’s designs are adorable and come in a variety of options with large to tiny, plus coin purses and even iPad cases.

Blouse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Earrings: Antique Alley (I think…), Portland, Oregon
Bracelets: Belonged to my great-grandmother
Scarf: ???
Purse: Courtesy of Vendula London

Disclaimer: I received this purse free of charge from Vendula London in exchange for an honest review of their item.

Mexican Tourist Shoes!

For their Spring/Summer Collection, one of my favorite shoe brands, Miss L Fire, came out with a pair of shoes inspired by one of my favorite vintage garments, the Mexican tourist jacket (which some of you know I collect these, with a current tally of 18, with no two alike), and for the first time ever, I actually pre-ordered a pair of shoes. I had been waiting for a somewhat cool day to take them for a spin, as I wanted to wear them with a Mexican tourist jacket, of course! Well, shockingly enough it’s been in the 60s lately here in sunny southern California, as well as windy! So I donned them for the first time to do a bit of shopping in a frantic hunt for a short slip for an upcoming event this weekend.

This is my fifth pair of Miss L Fire shoes, but sadly, the least comfortable of the group. I found the back portion of the strap cutting into my ankle after walking for a period of time. Unlike my other pairs of Miss L Fires, which are leather, these are not, and I fear they may not stretch and become the comfy treasures I want them to be. But I’ll just have to wait and see. I also ordered the cactus shoes from them at the same time, those, which I hope to showcase soon, are a gem, and very comfortable!

Do you own any pairs of Miss L Fires? (I know a few of you do! I’m looking at you, Francis, of Polka Polish!) Or perhaps pining after a pair? Share your thoughts!

Mexican Tourist Jacket: Community Thrift & Vintage, Vancouver, British Columbia
Top: Buffalo Exchange
Skirt: Pin-Up Girl Clothing
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse & Necklace: Gifts
Rings & Scarf: I don’t remember…

Two Chips and a Miss

I’m going to be completely honest here. And I know I mention this each and every year, but I am not the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day. I won’t go into all of the reasons, but, the point is, Patrick and I really don’t celebrate the holiday. However, I do find it a good excuse to wear pinks and reds and fun heart shaped things and visit Disneyland. Especially because I made a glorious parasol very befitting of the holiday.

This is the first parasol I made, which I also intended to be the first I wanted to show, but if you recall my last post, Mardi Gras arrived and I just had to take my beignet one out! I’ve quite a few made now, but with loads more on the way!

A big surprise of Valentine’s Day at Disneyland this year was the appearance of the elusive princes! I was lucky enough to be able to meet Prince Phillip of Sleeping Beauty, and Prince Naveen of Princess and the Frog, both happen to be my favorite princes. Prince Eric of The Little Mermaid was also about, but I missed seeing him.

It turns out princes are very busy. Prince Phillip likes to sleep just as much as Princess Aurora I learned, as well as sail with Prince Eric. Meanwhile Tiana keeps Naveen quite busy with their restaurant, hence why they don’t get out as much!

Of course I had to make sure to see my boys who inspired the parasol. And it was quite a hit.

Whether you celebrated Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day (which I’m celebrating tomorrow with some of my favorite gal pals), or not at all, I hope you had a lovely 14th of February.

Jacket: Buffalo Exchange
Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Belt & Scarf: I don’t remember…
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Chip and Dale Pin: Ebay

Disney Dinner Double Date

Say that three times fast! Heh! Sunday night Patrick and I met up with a couple (that we had met briefly at Mahaloween actually!) for dinner at Disneyland. Not only were the couple fellow Disney enthusiasts, they also just recently moved to southern California from Portland.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around wearing my “regular” clothes at Disneyland, meaning not having to stress and worry about my clothing, as I did when we would visit before. However, I do still worry about jewelry falling off, as Disneyland offers ample opportunities to lose an earring or bangle. Hence the rather lack of jewelry lately when I’ve been going to the park, with the exception of pins.

Meanwhile I’m still not over this cold! I was feeling on the up and up awhile ago, and spent much of last week out and about, running errands, socializing, and decorating for Christmas, and, sadly, I think that set me back, so now I’m back to a strict regiment of cough syrup, tea, juice and soup this week (with the exception of Thanksgiving!), in an attempt to rid myself of this! As for Thanksgiving, I think it may be pretty low key. We have been invited to my sister’s, where I would also have the opportunity to see my grandma, but I’m not sure this cough will be gone by then. So right now Patrick and I are planning on staying at home. I hope all of my American readers have a lovely and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sweater: Magpie, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Antique Alley, Portland, Ore.
Purse: Red Light, Portland, Ore.
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Chip and Dale pins: Disneyland