Disney Dinner Double Date

Say that three times fast! Heh! Sunday night Patrick and I met up with a couple (that we had met briefly at Mahaloween actually!) for dinner at Disneyland. Not only were the couple fellow Disney enthusiasts, they also just recently moved to southern California from Portland.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around wearing my “regular” clothes at Disneyland, meaning not having to stress and worry about my clothing, as I did when we would visit before. However, I do still worry about jewelry falling off, as Disneyland offers ample opportunities to lose an earring or bangle. Hence the rather lack of jewelry lately when I’ve been going to the park, with the exception of pins.

Meanwhile I’m still not over this cold! I was feeling on the up and up awhile ago, and spent much of last week out and about, running errands, socializing, and decorating for Christmas, and, sadly, I think that set me back, so now I’m back to a strict regiment of cough syrup, tea, juice and soup this week (with the exception of Thanksgiving!), in an attempt to rid myself of this! As for Thanksgiving, I think it may be pretty low key. We have been invited to my sister’s, where I would also have the opportunity to see my grandma, but I’m not sure this cough will be gone by then. So right now Patrick and I are planning on staying at home. I hope all of my American readers have a lovely and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sweater: Magpie, Portland, Ore.
Skirt: Antique Alley, Portland, Ore.
Purse: Red Light, Portland, Ore.
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Chip and Dale pins: Disneyland

7 thoughts on “Disney Dinner Double Date

  1. Oh no, hope you’ll get well soon!
    Love your outfit, especially how you matched the shoes with the pins. Had planned to buy these shoes as well but somehow completely forgot them, thank you for reminding me!
    Wish you a lovely Thanksgiving, ette

  2. Beautiful, autumn colour palette (and whole outfit). I love that dark, deep red paired with beigey-light brown. That has to be one of the best colour combos around.

    Sending tons of feel better & happy Thanksgiving wishes your way, dear Janey!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. So sorry to hear you’re not over your cold! That’s awful.
    When I’m feeling sick hot water with fresh lemon, ginger and honey always seems to help things move along faster. That and a good does of ColdFX. That stuff really works!


  4. Oh boy! Send me those shoes! A beautiful outfit. It is so fun to see you so happy and over the moon about your recent move. You are bringing a bit of Disney to all our lives:) Magical times!

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