Once Upon a Wintertime

Earlier this week Patrick and I went on the Holiday Time tour at Disneyland. Like the Happiest Haunts tour we took in the fall, the Holiday Time tour is also seasonal, limited to the time when the Disneyland Resort is celebrating the holidays.

For our tour I wore a pin from a trio I bought at the Walt Disney Family Museum, which featured the couple and sleigh from the 1954 Disney cartoon short “Once Upon a Wintertime”. I remember watching it, along with many other Christmasy Disney cartoons on several VHS tapes as a kid, now if only Disney would release all of those on DVD! Of the other two pins, which may make an appearance during the holiday season, one features the couple as they ice skate, the other features the bunny couple that tag along on the adventure.

Like the Happiest Haunts tour, which discussed the roots of Halloween traditions across the globe, the Holiday Time tour took us through the park as our guide discussed the various holidays celebrated throughout the winter months, and the origins of many of the season’s traditions, as well as drawing attention to the uniquely Disney decorations throughout Disneyland. Our guide offered insider details as to the history and process of decorating the giant Christmas tree found just as guests enter the park. As the tour was holiday themed, we made our way to the three attractions that have decked their halls, including The Jungle Cruise, which during the holiday season is transformed into The Jingle Cruise, as the skippers take passengers through the wilds of the jungle rivers, spotting the missing shipments of holiday decor the skippers were expecting, only to see them be scattered and used by the animals and local natives! We also visited the Haunted Mansion to see how Jack Skellington does Christmas, and then to “it’s a small world”, where decorations from around the world are seen, and carols are sung in a variety of languages. While “it’s a small world” has gotten a bad rap for being annoying with its repetitiveness, the holiday overlay is excellent (and a variety of songs are sung) and the attraction is worth a visit if you are at the resort during the holiday season.

Our tour came to a close with reserved seating for Disneyland’s holiday parade “A Christmas Fantasy” as well as cocoa in souvenir travel mugs, adorable Mickey ear wearing gingerbread men cookies, and of course a pin! While I’m not (yet, as Patrick likes to point out) a crazy pin-trader/collector, I do especially love the pins that the tours offer, as they are unique to the tour, and the seasonal tour pins change every year! I was delighted when I saw this year’s pin featured my favorite Disney pals, Chip and Dale!

If you are in the Anaheim area, or plan on visiting the Disneyland Resort during the holidays, you can learn more about the Holiday Time tour by visiting Disneyland Resort’s website.

Sweater (part of a sweater set): Red Light, Portland, Ore.
Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland, Ore.
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Purse: Belonged to my grandmother
Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, Cali.

11 thoughts on “Once Upon a Wintertime

  1. I can’t quite get over the fact that you’re talking about winter & the holiday season while wearing rather open (and very cute!) shoes…that’s clearly going to take some getting used to on my part – but I love your outfit, and both your old & new pins; I’m also jealous that you got to see Jack Skellington – that’s definitely another ‘plus’ in the column for making it to Disneyland in California at some point in the future!

  2. this is such an adorable outfit again!

    yesterday i found a special 50s skirt in one of my favourite shops. i had to think of you right away … the skirt was made from a fabric woven in guatemala for DISNEYLAND – as the label says!!!! sadly my phone ran out of power so i couldn’t snap a shot of it. … the fabric is wooly wintery with traditional tribe pattern – gold lame in blue and turquoise… it’s really beautiful but it’s festive character (gold lame!) didn’t make me buy it. i’m more for daily fashion …
    Did you ever hear anything about fashion/fabrics made especially for disney?! the letters were exactly the letters of DISNEY …i’m quite curios about this piece.
    i think, i have to go back and get it. even if i know that i won’t wear it that often … maybe i can go there on one of there ‘sale’ days …

    • I actually JUST got one of these skirts myself off Ebay!! So I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! I have yet to dedicate any time to doing research as to when and where in Disneyland the skirts were sold, but you can bet I will! I am so thrilled you located one, especially in Germany! How neat that an item traveled that distance! I hope if you do pick it up, you get it on a sale day! Deals are the best!

  3. It’s really cool that they weave a lesson on holiday history into these festive park tours as well. That would make me want to queue up and take part in one all the more.

    Your outfit is so charming! Pale lime and red look sensational together and channel a total holiday season vibe, while being a tad more understated than darker green partnered with red (as in, one could more easily wear this colour coupling at other times of the year without giving off a major Christmas vibe – to my eyes at least :)). It’s always so fun to see your darling Disney pins/brooches. I eagerly look forward to each one you post about here and the fun memories of Disney movies watched during my childhood that they often bring flooding back.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. This is such a pretty outfit. I really like the lighter lime green paired with the bold red. It’s says Christmas, but is such a nice change from the expected dark forest green and red.


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