Behind the Scenes

Our office was one of the last places to get settled with our move. But just recently it began to feel done, and I thought I would give you a little peek into where all of the blog and Etsy magic happens!

This space isn’t just home to where I blog and list on Etsy, it is also where I sew, and where Patrick works on a daily basis, as he works from home now. Sadly, the vast majority of our office is from that big blue box, Ikea. We didn’t have a lot of spare furniture when we moved in, and as this space needed to be furnished as soon as possible, Ikea is where we ended up.

I love being organized and I love labeling things (I blame my early exposure to 60s Batman, and how everything was labeled!), I just love the feeling of order it gives to things, and knowing exactly where things are is a sincere comfort. The large black bookshelf houses a variety of things, but is mostly home to my Etsy inventory and mailing materials. Patterns that have been listed are put into boxes labeled by decade inside the cabinets. One cabinet houses packing materials, while the two open shelves between the cabinets are also home to mailing goods, such as tissue paper, “Thank You” cards, and envelopes.  The mint green bins along the bottom house my repairs pile as well as patterns that have yet to be listed, falling into one of two categories, recently purchased patterns that have not been checked, the “To Be Sorted” bins and the patterns that have been checked, but have not been listed yet, the “To Be Listed” bin. On top is where all of our boardgames are tucked away, and I rigged up a curtain to keep the area tidy.

My sewing stuff isn’t as organized as I would like it to be, but that is mainly due to a lack of wall space. I have a ton of thread, and I would love racks and racks of those spool organizers on the wall of sewing room. But that can’t happen at this time, nor is it a huge deal as I don’t sew a great deal at the moment.

I think I’d like to put up a valance or something over the window, as it looks a bit naked, but I haven’t decided yet.

How about my fellow bloggers out there? Do you have a dedicated area, or is it wherever you and your laptop find yourselves? Have you thought about sharing your blogging space?

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