Long Form: The Truth Behind Blogging

Recently I had one of most annoying and upsetting things that happens to bloggers happen to me. It wasn’t the first time, and it won’t be the last, I’m sure of it. Two of my pictures were taken from my blog and used on a website without my permission. The pictures in question were not of me; they were of a location, and the website was using them to showcase what their business looked like, and they even chose to remove my watermark (which says “atomicredhead.com”) from them. One was cropped out poorly, and on the other they chose to Photoshop out my watermark. I’m still in the midst of clearing it up. The business has yet to respond to my e-mail.

This move really hurt. It kind of felt like the ultimate betrayal. And I feel a need to both vent and clear up some common misconceptions about blogging.

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Gifts from Afar

There are many things I love about the vintage community, and especially the vintage blogging community. There are so many women I have met through blogging that, while we may have never shared a warm hug of hello, I would call a friend. Through our mutual blogs, we peek into each others’ lives, learn about one another, and through comments and Facebook we build friendships over the internet.

One of these persons is Emileigh, of Flashback Summer. Not only does Emileigh have a very inspiring and interesting blog, she is also very sweet, and she recently thought of me when some Egyptian items came into her possession. She was very aware of my passion for Egypt, and my “adventurer chic” look, and she even did a guest post with her own spin on the look! Plus she used to live in Egypt! How neat is that? So I was very pleasantly surprised when a packaged arrived the other day with darling items from far off Egypt!

I can’t wait to wear the necklace, and Emileigh even mentioned that she had seen the coins made into jewelry! Something I may do myself one of these days! Thank you once again for your kindness and thoughtfulness, Emileigh!