Very Inspiring Blogger Award

It always means a great deal to me when someone tells me I inspire them.  It is one of the best compliments I can receive.  And as I read my comments from my last post I could feel my face get warm from blushing at the fact that Deborah of Hellcat Vintage nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

Deborah is a fabulous rockabilly mom who loves Disneyland and Doctor Who. She’s all sorts of fantastic. I thank you greatly, Deborah for this honor!

The rules for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award are that you must post seven random facts about yourself, then nominate seven bloggers for the award! So, here it goes!

1. I believe in ghosts.

Image is of The Brown Lady

While I have never seen a full body apparition, I have experienced a handful of spooky encounters, and also, I’ve just never had a good enough reason not to believe in them. While I am a firm believer in science, I do believe there are some things that we will never understand.


This may not be too incredibly random, as I have posted about the historic NASCAR races and the third-tier K&N series, but I often attempt to put those in a more artistic photography and general racing light when I post about them.  I also do state it on my About page.  But I haven’t been to a Cup race since I was a senior in high school, and it is bumming me out!  Racing has always been around me.  My dad’s dad raced jalopies, and my dad loves many forms of auto racing, so I grew up with the roar of dragsters, stock cars and sprint cars and I honestly can’t remember a time when I didn’t like NASCAR. Sometimes it’s hard to talk about NASCAR, as it has certain stigmas surrounding it. But I feel like I am proof that not every NASCAR fan is a fat, beer drinking piece of white trash.

3. When I was little, I wanted to be “a Disney drawer person”

Ya know, when you’re four you don’t know the word “animator” so I came up with the title I knew best! I enjoyed drawing, and felt that drawing for Disney was the place to be. Other professions that were contemplated as I grew up were archeologist, NASCAR broadcaster, and journalist.

4. I have an irrational fear of veils.

Not of like the veils that come attached the vintage hats, but like super opaque veils…I guess maybe a shroud would be a better term. So anything like this TERRIFIES ME!!! Like I can’t look at the screen when someone looks like this! Color doesn’t matter. I literally have to look away from the screen (or stage, as it has occurred in plays and burlesque performances) and request that who ever I am with inform me when the veil is gone or the character is no longer on screen/stage.

5. I rather dislike flowers.

My dislike of flowers is kind of two fold. I just don’t like them. But I am also creeped out by them in a way.  Especially flowers that behave like humans.  I think it comes down to that scene in Hook, when the flower sneezes on Peter.  And as awesome as the Enchanted Tiki Room is, I really get freaked out when the flowers begin to sing. I feel like flowers are just bound to attack me. But there are some flowers I do like. Patrick likes to describe my taste in nature as “If it looks like it existed in pre-historic times, you’ll love it.”

6. Until a few years ago I thought jackalopes were real.

Yep. It wasn’t until I was at a restaurant with Patrick and a friend where there was a taxidermy jackalope and I said “I really want a pet jackalope.” My friend said, “You can’t have one.” “Why?” I asked, “Are they endangered or something?” Patrick and my friend looked at each other, before my friend said, “Janey, they aren’t real.” Biggest blonde moment ever! I’m also rather obsessed with the little mythical creature. But picky about the items I buy that feature them.

7. I really dig Thomas Paine.

I think Paine was a very interesting person with good ideas that helped the progress of the American Revolution. He was a very complex man with very modern notions.  And it is sad that later in life he became a bit of an alcoholic, and only had six attend his funeral, and that today his remains are missing.

Well, there you have it!  Once again, thank you Deborah for nominating me for this fun and unique award!

Those I would like to nominate…

1. Sara of Lilies & Remains. Sara always has such wonderful color palettes to her outfits that often inspire me to take an unexpected but obvious route with some of my outfits.

2. Tasha of By Gum, By Golly. Tasha is so inspiring in so many ways.  First there is her creativeness! She sews and knits and her blog encourages me to go forward with projects.  Also, she rocks vintage casual so incredibly well, and it’s inspiring knowing that vintage doesn’t have to be dresses and skirts all the time.

3. Andi of Andi B. Goode. Andi has a fun almost pop art wardrobe that really inspires me to pair bright colors together every now and then.  She also digs some of the same “geeky” things I do, like Batman, and she even cosplays from time to time, inspiring me that vintage and cosplay can go hand-in-hand.

4. Whitney of Little Heap Vintage.  While Whitney’s blog may be very new, she is already very inspiring.  She has a great outlook for her blog and it reminds me that messages are important with blog posts from time to time.

5. Harlow of Vintage at Heart. Harlow always looks so graceful, and elegant, and she inspires me by her fun way she presents her outfits.

6. Lizzie of The Vintage Traveler.  Lizzie is such a wealth of information about the fashions we all love.  She inspires me to keep reading history books about fashion.  She also has the keen message of recycling, quality and made-in-the-US that really matters to me too, and it continues to inspire me to purchase locally and always check labels.

7. Jessica of Chronically Vintage.  I know Jessica just received this award back in September, but Jessica is a very true inspiring blogger for me.  She is an excellent writer that inspires me to take time with my blog posts, and that words are good too.  She has such a beautiful way with words that really draws you in.  She is an outstanding commenter too.  And she continually inspires me to seek out and comment on new blogs.  Not to mention her wardrobe is marvelous too!

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