The Portland Special

Christmas shopping seems to be taking five times longer than past years. Whenever I venture out I find just one gift for the many on my list…so this weekend found us out and about shopping again.  Wrapped up in wool, I donned my latest pair of overshoes to face the wet, puddle filled streets of Portland…

I was able to get my dad taken care of finally. Which was great, but my list still doesn’t have everyone’s name crossed off, and I know we shall be venturing out once again before the holiday.  How is your holiday shopping coming along?

Meanwhile, let’s talk about this amazing purse. It was entirely hand-made (including the cutting out of that stag piece) by my spectacular friend Alicia.  She’s nothing short of a craft goddess and she never fails to amaze me.  She can draw, make jewelry, sew little animals complete with clothes (I have one of her cowgirl mice), and embroider.  This holiday season she made several purses featuring winter scenes or stags, and I had a hard time selecting one at a sale she was vending at this weekend.  I ultimately settled on this one, named “The Portland Special”.

Lilli Ann Coat: Bohemian Vintage, now Yours, Portland, Oregon
Sweater: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Jet Rag, Los Angeles, California
Stockings: Coffee Seams by What Katie Did
Overshoes: Woo Vintage, Vancouver, British Columbia
Reindeer Brooch: Expo
Bangles: Here and there
Earrings & Gloves: ???
Purse: Red Star Art

12 thoughts on “The Portland Special

  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one having trouble getting my list taken care of this year! At least you looked fabulous!

  2. You look amazing, as usual! I wish I could find such wonderful winter footwear, but alas, I have ginormous size 11 feet and would never be able to find anything that works well with the pinup/rockabilly/vintage wardrobe I have. For now I shall have to live vicariously through you!


  3. Those elegant brown furry overshoes are slaying me with their awesomeness!!! I have wanted a pair like that (in black, brown or any hue) for so many years. One day, I hope, a pair in my size will finally come my way.

    Love this whole outfit, dear Janey! The colour on your charming handbag make me think of those in a classic Hudson’s Bay point blanket.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Those overshoes are just nuts, they look so luxe– but I have to mention how much I like your reindeer pin! He’s adorable, and I like how your color scheme and even your accessories pull from your totally unique, centerpiece bag. (Because *of course* you have a brooch with the same silhouette as your friend’s creation!)

  5. THOSE. OVERSHOES. I’m in love with your friend’s handicrafted bag as well (so professional! so cute!) but the overshoes take the cake. To have my fur trimmed collar match fur trimmed booties..could I ask more in life? Good luck with the rest of your shopping! 😀

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