Helping Jessica of Chronically Vintage

It is rare that I feel compelled to ask something of my readers, unless it deals with something that hits so close to home and someone I know personally. For many, this is old news, as I don’t know anyone in the 0n-line vintage community who isn’t familiar with Jessica of Chronically Vintage, but I want to help and do what I can for someone who, although I have never met in person, is one of the kindest, sweetest souls I have encountered.

Recently, Jessica and her husband lost everything within their home to an arson fire. Jessica shares her experience in a recent blog post, which you can read here. For me, this is a large fear of mine, and for it to happen to someone I know makes it all the more real and tragic. Jessica’s home sounds so similar to my own, and I can only imagine the level of heart-break she must be feeling over such a loss of years of collecting not just vintage, but personal heirlooms and those small pieces that make up the memories of one’s life.

Jessica and her husband, Tony, and not to mention their dear dog, Annie, and their cat, Miss Stella, who has yet to turn up, are beginning again, and I ask that if Jessica has touched you in some way, through her blog, as either a beacon of inspiration for both vintage and/or chronic illness, that you aid her in starting over. No donation is too small, as even $5 can be turned into something necessary like toothpaste, or something that makes life feel normal again, like a vintage scarf. If you feel that you are able to donate, please do so through this site here. You can also learn more by visiting the Facebook group that has been set up to help those who wish to help in what Jessica and Tony need.

Thank you for your consideration.

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