Welcome to the New Atomic Redhead

As mentioned in previous posts, Patrick and I have been hard at work on a new blog redesign, and here it is! For some time now I have really wanted to and have been working to shift the focus on Atomic Redhead to encompass more than just me and my wardrobe.

With the move to southern California we have been doing so much more, and I have been wanting to share those places beyond just what I wore. I want to share the experience and the history of what there is to see out there. Another big change in our life is our new house, which it’s shocking to believe we have been in for six months now! We are constantly working on projects, and I want to share my tips for making home improvement changes, especially when it comes to working with vintage pieces. Lately, you may have noticed, I have been actively creating content that shifts the focus away from myself, and onto location, photography, and history based content. However, there will still be style posts! As I still very much love clothing! So I will not be foregoing the fashion and style aspect of this blog altogether, but that is certainly something that has also shifted.

My style has changed a great deal since I first started this blog. I have gone from working to create period perfect looks to developing my own personal style, which I call “Cosmic American Fashion.” It is a play on “Cosmic American Music” which is what my favorite musician, Gram Parsons, called his music. But the name never really caught on, as many people just didn’t get what that meant. But I’ll explain what it means in terms of my style. The term or phrase, encompasses my two main aesthetic passions, and allows for them to blend together. The word “cosmic” has two meanings, first, relating to the cosmos – the stars, and the second meaning vast and all encompassing (I think this is what Parsons meant, as he loved all forms of music that were rooted in America). For myself, I have always been fascinated with the influence that the atomic and space age (especially Sputnik) had over fashion and home furnishings, and creating “mid-century modern.” This infatuation is why I began collecting Franciscan Starburst, I decorate my vintage aluminum Christmas trees with space themed ornaments, and why I even called this blog “Atomic Redhead.” The “American” part refers to my love of western and Native American influenced fashion. The cowboy and his attire is one of the few truly American cultural icons. I will be the first to admit that elements of the cowboy aesthetic, both in the 19th and 20th centuries have other cultural influences, but that is a subject that really deserves its own blog post! Native Americans were of course here long before the cowboy ever trotted on these lands, and with a vast number of tribes, their cultural stylings offer a range of unique images and creations; icons and creations that I incorporate into my wardrobe, while taking cultural and historical issues into account prior to purchasing, to avoid the pitfall that is negative cultural appropriation within fashion.

And now a few housekeeping notes with this new design! You’ll see the Categories section is disappeared from the side, and it is now available above, with drop down menus, giving you easier access to find exactly what you want! I still have pages for About, Links (which has been expanded), and Contact to get in touch with me, located at the very top. Additionally, Patrick has worked tirelessly to make this new desire more phone friendly! And I’m happy to say he has succeeded! This design works much better on phones and tablets. Viewing photos has also changed, with a lightbox format so you can click through all of the images in their large format. Commenting is easier now, with the comment form at the top, and you can sign in with Twitter or Facebook if you wish.

Additionally, this new design is based on one of my favorite jewelry collections by one of my favorite companies, Match Accessories, who created a super cute cactus brooch with matching necklace and earrings for their Frontierland Collection. We were inspired by their quirky cacti and used their interpretations as the base and inspiration for this design, fully with their permission.

I hope you enjoy this new incarnation of Atomic Redhead!

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