Interview with Chronically Vintage

Some time ago fellow blogger and dear friend, Jessica of Chronically Vintage started an amazing series where she interviewed fellow bloggers, so we the readers could learn more about bloggers we already follow, as well as discover new blogs for ourselves. She asked those interested to express so, and I willingly offered up myself as a participant! And today my interview with Jessica was published! So hop over to her amazing blog and learn a bit more about me!

I want to thank Jessica so much for this opportunity. She is a gem among the vintage and blogging community, as she is extremely active in her posts, social media, and commenting on the blogs of others. She genuinely cares about vintage and the community it has created.

In the meantime I am overjoyed to share that I will be attending San Diego Comic Con! It’s THE con! And I am shocked I am finally going, through the luck and grace of a friend of mine, Deela Designs. I didn’t make any new cosplays for this con, as it was relatively short notice, but I altered one to work as another cosplay, so I have a sort of new one! Sadly, Patrick will not be attending, so I won’t have my “personal photographer” with me, but I hope that I’ll be able to snap some pictures and share my experience with you either live from San Diego or when I return next week!

3 thoughts on “Interview with Chronically Vintage

  1. Sweet! Jessica’s comments on other blogs are always so thoughtful. She’s awesome. Props on scoring a Comic Con ticket!! We went last year (thanks to my awesome boss) and it was a delightful, crazy madhouse.

    While you’re visiting America’s Finest City (and my home), be sure to check out Taco Surf in Pacific Beach. The potato taquitos are the best.

  2. Aww, Janey, what a sweet, thoughtful post. Thank you so very much again for being this month’s interviewee, as well – from the bottom of my heart – for the incredibly kind words that you said about me here. I am so grateful that we’re friends and that we’ve been able to follow one another’s blogs for several years now. I hope that both things continue to ring true for ages to come.

    Have a blast at Comic Con!

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

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