Happiest Haunts Materialize!

I can see the end of our move in sight! We’ve had so many random little hiccups during the move in process, but I think I’ll be able to share our new place with you all in the near future! There will still be a few bare spots, as we still quite haven’t found some decor we wish to have, but over time I’m sure the blank spaces will get filled in, the down side to furnishing and decorating the vintage… you may not always find what you want when you want it! In the meantime…last night Patrick and I went on the Happiest Haunts Tour at Disneyland. I know what you’re going to say, “My goodness, another Disneyland post?” But it’s also an outfit post! I guess I should mention that you can expect lots of Disneyland posts! Between being annual pass holders, and living within five miles of the park (close enough we can hear the fireworks, and even see them if positioned just right) and my extreme passion for Disneyland, there will be many visits!

The Disneyland Resort offers quite a few different tours that are available year round at the resort, however during the Halloween and Christmas seasons there are special seasonal tours to tempt guests! Since we had such a marvelous time on our Walking in Walt’s Footsteps Tour last year, we decided we should do all of the tours that the resort offers, selecting the Happiest Haunts Tour as our next one, as it is limited only to the Halloween season, the tour also takes place as dusk arrives, and most of the tour takes place at night.

For our tour I did an extremely simple “Disneybound” of Katrina Van Tassel from the 1949 Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, including a spectacular Sleepy Hollow pin I bought at the Walt Disney Family Museum last time we visited.

Our tour began with a walk down Main Street were we were told about all of the details the resort does to get the spirit of Halloween (pun of course intended) including creating over 300 pumpkins to decorate Main Street alone! As we made our way down Main Street we popped into the Candy Palace for a little trick or treating and received a marshmallow pop before making our way into Adventureland to hear of tales of ancient tribal traditions of communing with the dead.

We then visited New Orleans Square for a ride on the Haunted Mansion, which was decked out for the Halloween and Christmas season with its Nightmare before Christmas overlay. After we exited the attraction we discovered with picked up a hitchhiking ghost! Madam Gracey, who told us of tales of the Haunted Mansion, and she joined us for the rest of our tour. Next we visited Frontierland to look upon Disneyland’s own Halloween Tree, inspired by Ray Bradbury’s story of the same name, and hearing of more ancient ghostly traditions from around the world. We then walked to Big Thunder Mountain where we heard of a spooky tale surrounding the gold rush tour, before riding the attraction. Fantasyland was next for a visit to Snow White’s Scary Adventures. Our last attraction for the tour was Space Mountain, with its Halloween overlay of Ghost Galaxy. We made our way back to Main Street for one more trick or treat stop, receiving a pumpkin cookie and then returning to the tour gardens. As our tour ended, we were also given an exclusive pin, strictly for this year’s tour.

For those close in proximity to Disneyland, or are planning on visiting the Disneyland Resort during the Halloween season, you can learn more about the Happiest Haunts Tour by visiting the Disneyland Resort website. Book as soon as you can! As the tours fill up!

Sweater: Garb-Oh Vintage
Dress: Red Light, Portland, Oregon
Belt: Nordstorm
Shoes: Remix via a rummage sale
Bangle: Who knows!
Sleepy Hollow Pin: Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, California
Purse: Don’t recall…

11 thoughts on “Happiest Haunts Materialize!

  1. Thank you for ANOTHER great Disneyland post!! I’m an AP holder also, but sadly, I live 500 miles away and don’t get to visit as often as you. You’re living my dream (living close enough to hear the fireworks!!) so I love following your Disney adventures! Oh ya, I love following your adorable outfits too! Have a magical evening! 😀

  2. Ah so fun, Janey! The Haunted Mansion is my all-time-favorite ride, and I love Halloween, so this sounds like a blast! And you look adorable, to boot!

    xox Sammi

  3. So happy for you now being so close to Disneyland and that the end of your move is in sight! I actually have the exact same dress you are wearing in pink! I think I’d prefer it in the color you have though as I’d probably wear it more often 😉 Love it!

  4. That is so neat Janey! We are big Disney fans too and Disneyland seems better to go to these days than Disney World bc well that was an experience and a half. I will blog about it soon though. Learned a lot. I love the Haunted Mansion ride. We have been collecitng Haunted Mansion Halloween decor for yrs now. Gotta score the sofa throw and throw pillows they have…dreamy!!! xox

  5. Your pin is seriously awesome!!! I love that you pulled hues from it (like red) for your beautiful ensemble as well. Three huge cheers on being so close to the Magic Kingdom. I look forward seeing lots more exciting posts on it from you in the future now that you live in CA (they’re a great way for us non-US folks to get our Disneyland fix! :)).

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I love it all! You look fabulous and those pins are so cute. Each post gets me more pumped for our Halloween trip! I don’t think I could every get sick of your Disneyland posts. They’re always beautiful to look at and fascinatingly informative.

  7. what a great combuination of colours … the blue with the red is vibrant.
    even if i’m not the bioggest disney person (maybe a little bigger then middle disney person), i love your disney posts. they are so fun!

  8. Please post more Disney! I’m saving up for an AP, so I’ll live vicariously through you.
    I love your Katrina Disneybound, you look so adorable. Your pins are super super awesome, and I am so not jealous of them ❤

  9. I’m so jealous you live so close to Disney! I’m in LA and have an annual pass and make it about once a month. I wanna check out those tours!

  10. Ooo, looks like fun! I will certainly enjoy seeing all of your Disney adventures and living vicariously through you as I trudge through a northeastern winter!

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