One Sweet Vendula Purse

Recently I was contacted by Vendula London, the makers of extremely funky and unique bags, to see if I was interested in reviewing one of their purses from their latest Spring/Summer collection. What is so funny is that I actually spied one of these on Sammy’s blog, The Soubette Brunette, not too long ago, and was honestly contemplating one for myself! So, of course I said “yes” to their offer. I actually opted for the same design as Sammy, the Chocolatiers Shop Front, but went for a smaller version, the “Mini Purse Bag”, because I kind of have a purse problem, also I really wanted to see how the details scaled down.

My purse arrived in it’s own bright pink protective bag, and the purse itself is more adorable in person than it was on-line! Upon inspection I was amazed at how well all of the details, such as the treats in the window and the bicycle scaled down to such a small size.

Of course a smaller bag means it holds less. And for some outings that’s just fine. Like I wore this and took my Vendula out while we were house hunting the other day (that is an entirely different blog post in itself for a later time) in which case all I really needed was my wallet (which is actually a vintage cigarette case) and phone. The inside is almost just as cute as the outside, with a lining featuring icons of London, and a small pocket where you could store a few cards. Just for size reference I have an iPhone 6 with a relatively slim case. The purse is made of a sturdy vinyl, and the details are screen printed and sew on. This purse closes with a magnetic snap closure, that will not just pop open if you’re just going about your day. This purse features only a long cross-body strap, which could be shorted if desired by tying a new knot inside the purse. I left mine at the length it arrived in.

Overall I am very impressed by Vendula’s attention to detail and the craftsman ship. I look forward to what other fun designs they come up with in the future.

Many of Vendula’s designs are adorable and come in a variety of options with large to tiny, plus coin purses and even iPad cases.

Blouse: Retro Rejuvenation, Coburg, Oregon
Skirt: Buffalo Exchange
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Earrings: Antique Alley (I think…), Portland, Oregon
Bracelets: Belonged to my great-grandmother
Scarf: ???
Purse: Courtesy of Vendula London

Disclaimer: I received this purse free of charge from Vendula London in exchange for an honest review of their item.

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