Birthday Fiesta

Over the weekend one of my friend celebrated his birthday, and with his Mexican heritage he encouraged his friends to incorporate Mexican elements into their ensembles for a visit to Disneyland, and while I never really need an excuse to break out any Mexican influenced garments, I do love a good excuse!

Peasant Top: Pinup Girl Clothing
Painted Mexican Circle Skirt: Found by my dad
Shoes: Miss L Fire
Scarf: ???
Disney D Brooch: Match Accessories
Bangles: Here and there

4 thoughts on “Birthday Fiesta

  1. Don’t know if you know this but my mom who was born in 1931 said they colored their skirts with color crayons. Not sure if this was a regional thing here in the CA central valley!

  2. Gorgeous outfit love the painted Mexican circle skirts. When in Santa Fe NM in October I went to my fave consignment store, Double Take. It is quite large with a dedicated section for vintage Western wear. Up high was a fab collection of these skirts but so inaccessible so I passed. Had to have 20 or more. You’d love this store maybe you’ve been. Santa Fe is the best for all things!

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