The Annual Fur & Feathers

Just a little preface: This post will show a lot of vintage fur. To read my views on fur please read this post and this post. Please also note that unkind comments will be deleted from the comments section.

Yesterday was spent in the grand company of many of Pacific Northwest’s finest vintage gals as we got together for the annual Fur & Feathers luncheon at Huber’s.

As much as I wanted to wear the tiny top hat I purchased at the last March Expo, I realized that I had three fabulous items from my wardrobe that had yet to make their debuts, all of which didn’t really go with my hat. I don’t own too many hats with feathers, due to their fragility, and the best fitting hat was the Frank Palma bird hat that I wore to the first Fur and Feathers I attended. But it is so marvelous that I felt it deserved to be repeated!

I was really looking forward to this year’s event because my dear friend Lyndsie, owner of Retro Rejuvenation, was able to come up for the weekend!  (We spent all of today shopping!) I didn’t get a whole lot of pictures at the actual event, due to the fact we were all having such a grand time, the lighting is really never that great at Huber’s, and by the time we all tumbled out it was getting dark out.

There were so many lovely ladies, and a few gents even, in attendance, including Jennifer of Jumblelaya Vintage, Sarah of Simply Vintage, fellow bloggers Anna of Anna in Technicolor and Sarah of Lilies and Remains, and of course Julie of FabGabs, who put the whole event together.

I always look forward to these get-togethers. They are a wonderful time to mingle with our “tribe” and learn from one another. There are talks of a western themed event in the near future! I’m giddy with excitement! What to wear!?

Frank Palma Bird Hat: Gift
Mink Capelet: Antique Alley, Portland, Oregon
1940s Magenta Dress: Patti Smith West, Portland, Oregon
Vintage Stockings & Gloves: Who knows!
Alligator Shoes: Thrifted! Crazy, I know!
Armand the Armadillo Purse: Some antique mall along the coast, I think.
Brass Bangles: Buffalo Exchange, Portland, Oregon
Bird Double Brooch: Belonged to my Grandmother

15 thoughts on “The Annual Fur & Feathers

  1. Thank you so much for sharing your reasoning about wearing vintage fur. Also do not support todays fur industry but I do see alot of vintage fur that could and should be worn (to death ;>}) My sister just brought over our grandmothers mink jacket. The sleeves are coming apart but I may be able to make a lovely vest out of it to wear and honor both my grandmother and the minks. But now I know what to do with the sleeves, thanks to your shout out about Coats for Cubs. I also have a lovely mink hat from my other grandmother which I wear proudly.

  2. EVERYTHING about this post is incredible. That hat, your hair is beautifully elegant, that bag is magnificently quirky! Oh goodness, you look like VIP.

  3. Sublimely gorgeous!!! I’ve never loved the colour of raspberry juice and warm brown together more than I do in this beguiling ensemble. You really, really look ravishing and just as glam as the vintage is awesome!

    ♥ Jessica

  4. your outfit is absolutely glamorous! … all the gals looked glamorous!
    the bag, the hat … the suit and the cape … wow. i love your look from head to toe!

    oh, and you met both sarahs there … how fun… i enjoyed meeting this ladies past summer so much.
    i’d love to join a meeting like this luncheon, too … my 40s silver fox cape is tired of just sitting in the wardrobe ..

  5. This outfit is stunning on you! I feel the same way about special pieces…you sort of regret not wearing a new piece that hasn’t has a turn, but those stunning ones that you love deserve another turn too. That hat makes me green with envy! I’m also very partial to your brooch- twice as nice as a normal one.Thanks for sharing. xx Shauna

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