Vintage Swimsuit Saving

The other day found me downtown meeting a friend for lunch.  I was a little early and thought I’d pop into the Buffalo Exchange that was just a block from the restaurant.  And I found a glorious 1950s swimsuit. I nearly fell over.  This sort of thing just doesn’t happen.  As I was carrying it about the store, I had an employee approach me, “Oh, another employee tried that on, I guess it didn’t work out for her. I don’t know why though. Like you could cut if off here,” she motioned to the waist, “and make it a top!” I cringed on the inside, but just said “It’ll be nice to have fun with.” I quickly walked away before I clobbered the girl.  But then I got to thinking, I could wear it as a top, but not at all in the manner she was thinking!  By simply putting a skirt over the swimsuit, it instantly becomes a stellar summer top!

I think I’ll be doing this a little more often now with my other vintage swimsuits now that summer is finally here (or at least I think it’s here…you never know in Oregon).

In other news, I’ve been working on what I’ve dubbed “the hearse dress” that has a long story behind it and I hope to have done by next weekend and share with you!  So back to sewing!

1950s Swimsuit and Renoir Copper Belt: Buffalo Exchange, Portland
Patio: Red Light, Portland
Shoes: Siesta by Miss L Fire, Imelda’s Shoes, Portland
Purse: Birthday Gift from My Dad!
Bangles: Various
Necklace: Match-Maker by Luxulite on Etsy

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