Another eShakti Experience

Not too long ago, I was contacted by eShakti again to try out something from their new Spring/Summer collection. And, oh, what a collection it is! I certainly had a hard time selecting something!  Ultimately I chose this darling heart blouse

Unlike last time, where I stuck with a standard garment, this go-round I opted for custom measurements, which proved to be much more successful!  In case you’re unfamiliar with eShakti, here’s the rundown… The company offers wonderful garments, many of which will fall right in line with any vintage lovers wardrobe.  Additionally, all of their garments have customization options.  Some are just for custom measurements. Yes, you can get a dress tailored to your exact measurements! And for only an additional cost of $7.50!  Although, through February 28th (tomorrow!), customization is free!  Other custom options the option of taking away embroidery and embellishments.  So if you really liked the cut and color of my top, but aren’t keen on the hearts, you could order it without!  My favorite options by far are the skirt and sleeve options.  While I rarely go to the mall, I have on occasion passed by window displays and said “Gosh, that’s a darling dress, shame about the skirt length though.”  Well, at eShakti you can order a dress tailored to your liking!  Whether it’s short or long, you’ll find something to suit who you are.

Each garment page offers up the specs for the garment, including zipper location, material, care instructions, and other details.  Where the garment is made, however, is not included.  So, a little “Made In…” disclosure, this blouse was made in India.

Have a special occasion coming up? Or maybe a bride seeking affordable, but stylish bridesmaid dresses that your bridesmaids will want to wear again and again? Then check out their Bridesmaids collection.  Heck, there are dresses in this collection I would buy for everyday wear!

Another thing I love is the size range.  One thing I hear a lot is that vintage is only for skinny gals.  While that isn’t true, I will admit that vintage can be difficult to find for those with a waist over 32 inches.  This is where websites such as eShakti are perfect.  Their garments take cues from the fashions of the past, thus offering up retro delights perfect for swing dances to car shows for women of any shape.  Whether you’re a petite pixie or a full figured femme fatal, eShakti can provide.  Their standard garments go up to a size 6X or 36W, and their custom measurements can accommodate any size.

Still unsure?  First take a peek at their Real Fashion spread that has photos of people who have purchased some of their garments.  Then, when you find something you like, use the promo code TMCREDHED to get 20% off your purchase!!  How swell is that?  But hurry! The offer expires March 10th!  UPDATE! I heard that the coupon code did not work for a few days!  I am deeply sorry! eShakti has extended the coupon code to March 20th.

Blouse: Courtesy of eShakti.  Thank you very much!
Skirt: Bombshell Vintage, Portland
Bangles & Earrings: Who knows?
1930s Kiss Timer Brooch: Gift
1940s Shoes: Pattie Smith West, Portland

15 thoughts on “Another eShakti Experience

  1. Love this post, but how would you describe the quality of their products? I just read ‘Overdressed’ and am really trying to ensure that I purchase well made products that will last for years and not look cheap. Thanks for the help!

    PS: Your bangs are so rad.

    • Wow! How did I manage to overlook that? Thank you for asking. I would describe the items as well made. Which would be a step down from very well made. The cotton of this blouse is not super thin, but still light weight. The inside seams are sewn together with regular stitches, followed by being serged together. All of the hems are folded over twice and machine stitched. Additionally, the side zipper appears to be very well sewn in, and I would expect it to stay intact through wearings of being pulled on and off. I hope that answers your questions! If you’re still unsure, I would suggest searching for other blogs that have written about eShakti or purchasing an item that is on the less expensive side, a skirt or blouse, and inspecting it for yourself.

  2. That’s a lovely blouse and it looks great on you… I haven’t had anything from eShakti but I’ve seen a few of their pieces around and about, and I must say I’m very tempted!

  3. Oh my Janey, that top is just too adorable! And of course you always look great anyways 🙂 I need to acquire more money so I can go on a shopping spree at eShakti!


  4. So cute, love the back of the blouse detail. Your glasses really go well with this outfit.
    Wow, is it that warm in portland you can already wear short sleeves, 🙂

  5. Janey darling, you look flat out gorgeous! Navy and red are incredible on you. I’m glad to know that your second experience with eShakti was more promising. I was recently contacted by them to review a garment again (it hasn’t arrived yet). My first experience was a bit of a mixed bag, but I’m a big believer in second chances, so I jumped at the opportunity to try ordering from them again and am hoping things will go better this time around.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. Though I usually try to sew my own dresses, some of theirs were too darling to pass up. I especially like that eShakti will customize the fit so I am going to give them a shot!

  7. I’m thinking about ordering this top. It’s so cute. Which length did you choose? I like where it hits you on your hips and I’m not sure if it’s the “at hip” or “above hip” length. It definitely doesn’t look like the “as shown” length. Thanks.

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