The Abandoned Orchid Tree Inn

Yesterday I realized I forgot to pack my card-reader. Then how did, you ask, I upload and blog about La Plaza? I went to a Rite Aid and bought a card-reader and on my way I found a hidden treasure…the currently for sale Orchid Tree Inn. Gear up for another picture heavy post, because this place is too amazing for words.

Okay, maybe it’s not all that hidden…it’s just a block off the main drag, but still.  Anyhow, I kind of freaked out. Here was an early Spanish Revival bungalow style hotel and it was for sale. For. Sale. Seriously.  Where is my winning lottery ticket when I need it?

Oh, and did I mention it comes with an old church too?  The Community Church of Palm Springs built in 1935 to be exact.

I discovered the place has the hefty price tag of a cool $7,450,000. Yeah. Kill me.  So I just have to suffice with a handful of snapshots since it appears Patrick and I won’t be reopening this old place anytime soon. I wish there hadn’t have been the fence that also included tarps around it, making it unable for me to get as many pictures as I would have liked… sigh

I hope someone comes along soon and restores it to its former glory.

UPDATE: I revisited The Orchid Tree Inn in March of 2015, take a look!

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