The Hideaway

I think one of the highlights of our Palm Springs trip was our hotel.  I find it difficult to find words for how much I love this place. So, hey, what’s better than words? Pictures! And there are a lot! Because not only am I going to show you the swank hotel is that we stayed at but also my swimsuit and another outfit I packed to stay cool in the hot Palm Springs sun…

We stayed at The Hideaway, which is part of the Orbit In.  The Orbit In was built in 1957, then it was known as The Village Manor and was renovated to become The Orbit In in 2001.  A year later The Hideaway opened.  Built in 1947, it was originally the Town and Desert, and both properties were built by Herbert Burns.

The Hideaway features a saline swimming pool flanked by loungers as well as glorious cacti and fruit trees.  Additionally, there is a lounge that includes fabulous mid-century furniture and photos of the hotel by famed photographer Julius Shulman.

Pretty swell place, huh?

Swimsuit: Beach Bash, Bettie Page Store, Portland.  A note on this: I purchased a medium, which fit comfortably in the bust and hips (a small was too tight in those areas), but was loose in the waist.  So I recommend attempting to find a shop that carries Beach Bash and try the suits on to make sure you like the fit.  I was fine with this being loose in the waist because you move a lot when you swim and you want to be comfortable.

Outfit: Koret of California, Patti Smith West, Portland.  I bought this stellar pink, blue and navy outfit months ago, but obviously it was too cold in Oregon to wear just yet, but I knew it would be perfect for this trip.  And the best part is that it has the shirt in pink too!

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