Red Apple Lipstick

Recently I was contacted by Red Apple Lipstick, a company that offers up pretty swell products that are gluten free, paraben free, vegan friendly, made in the USA, among a long list of other wonderful things.  Since part of the vintage scene is about being environmentally friendly while also looking glamorous, I felt they were a good fit!

I chose the Rebel for my test drive, loving the red-berry color as well as the name.

Please note, I’m battling a cold right now, so I don’t look the greatest nor do I seem to be able to smile decently.  I adore how soft and luscious this lipstick feels. It’s the smoothest lipstick I’ve ever put on.  It’s like silk velvet for your lips.  No joke.  I’m also crazy in love with the color.  It’s a red, with a hint of berry thrown in, and very, very vibrant.  I love me a red-red, but I also enjoy deeper berry colors too.

While I love the product’s ingredients, feel and color, I wasn’t keen about it’s come-off-ability (for lack of a better word), a problem most lip sticks have.  I blotted and let it sink in for the suggested five minutes, but it still came off on my mug o’ tea…

I am aware that are loads of tips and tricks for making any lipstick stay on and not rub off on drinks and people, but I’m a little impatient to go through that ritual. I want to slap on color and go.  Which is why I’ve been using CoverGirl Outlast. A lip-stain that stays on all day, even through kissing and most foods, but it isn’t without its problems either (that can be a post in itself if y’all are curious?).  However, I think this Red Apple stuff  is pretty swell and I plan to give it another go using some of the stay-on tricks I’ve come across.  Additionally, I was given a sample of their Rallye Balm, which is magnificent!  It’s just as silky and smooth as the lipstick, and leaves my lips feeling super soft.  I think I may have found my new lip balm!

14 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick

  1. Thanks for the review.
    You look beautiful as always, I wouldn’t have guessed you are under the weather.
    I have a friend who has a celiac, I’d never even thought about lipstick being a problem for her when she reached make-up age, I’ll have. I find lipstick stay-put-ability a problem too. I now draw over my whole lips with my lip liner pencil then put my lippy over the top- it helps a bit.
    xx Shauna

  2. What a pretty color! Your descriptions certainly make it sound luscious. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Colorstay, too, once you’re feeling a mite better.

  3. I use Colorstay because I hate, hate, hate getting lipstick on my teeth and at least the Colorstay actually stays put. I don’t love how dry it makes my lips, though. I’d be interested in your review.

  4. I love the texture and color of this product. I also love that it is gluten free, paraben free, vegan friendly, and made in the USA. However, did you wear liner under it? I didn’t and a couple of hours later, it looked hot pink. I am not sure if that was because it rubbed off (because I did eat/drink/etc). I think that that might not be an issue if you wear liner, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Being a GF gal myself (I have celiac disease) I was utterly thrilled to discover Red Apple’s products last year (and that they ship to Canada!) and have really enjoyed both ordering from them as a customer and working together on a review and giveaway this past September. I completely agree that their lipsticks are soft and creamy and feel so marvelous on your lips. I usually apply a GF lip liner (not from them) first in a similar shade to one I’m using, as I find this helps the colour stay put a bit longer.

    ♥ Jessica

  6. I have a sneaking suspicion it’s probably a nasty chemical that gives “stay put” lipstick the ability to stay put. I say this, and will continue to use my MAC til it kills me;)

  7. Great name! And it certainly looks like a lovely shade. But full disclosure: I spent most of this post oogling you hair and house.

  8. Such a pretty color on you. You mentioned covergirl outlast…I’ve been wanting to try that in the color “hot” just havnt got around to it. I really have way to many reds in my collection already.

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