Bakelite & Bowties

This morning a group of us vintage gals, and guys too, got together for brunch at one of Portland’s swankest restaurants, Gracie’s.  As always, we had a theme…today’s theme? Bakelite and Bowties.  I’m loving that we’re coming up with more co-ed friend;y events.  It’s so nice to see men all dapper…even if we only had three.

We enjoyed brunch while basking in the glow of crystal dripping chandeliers as we chatted while our bangles clicked against each other.  It’s so delightful getting together with people who “get” things such as Bakelite.  Like Solanah of Vixen Vintage toted a gorgeous very wide carved piece that she paid only $60 for! How amazing is that!? And all of us oo’ed and aww’ed over such a steal, while the average person would say “You paid $60 for a hunk of plastic!?” So, needless to say, I adore my vintage crowd. Thanks for being in Portland, ladies!

Dress: Bombshell Vintage, Portland
Sweater: From a Toby Berman sweater set, Buffalo Exchange
Hat: Don’t recall…
Purse: Flea market
Bakelite Oranges Necklace: Birthday gift
Bangles: Various
Bakelite Ring: Hattie’s, Portland
Vintage Stockings: Expo…I think…
Shoes: Gosh, I think Payless, like six years ago…

Patrick’s Outfit
Cal-Anita Expressing for Miller’s Jacket: Thrifted by my dad!
(New) Dress Shirt: Nordstorm
Bowtie: Flea market
Cufflinks: Expo
Pants: Who knows…
Shoes: Allen Edmonds by way of Living Thread’s Vintage

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