Yesterday many of us PDX ladies had the absolute pleasure of going to the home of the owner of Jitterbuggin’, Kim.  She hosted a lovely open house, complete with treats, so we could try on her beautifully crafted creations.

Kim’s home is so cute, adorned with fun vintage prints, records and linens.  Her work space is a seamstress’ dream too.  The gaggle of us oo’ed and aww’ed over her wonderfully hand-crafted garments, before plowing into the bathroom to try them on.

I was in desperate need of pants and purchased a pair of Kim’s best-sellers, the Ankeny, wide leg, high-waist, suspender slacks.

For those of you contemplating buying a pair, it is recommended that you order two inches above your waistline.  The three of us who purchased a pair all did that.  The reason being the higher waist midriff, which covers your ribcage.  I ended up purchasing a pair that was three inches bigger (yay for having an odd number waistline!) so these are a little roomy, but I was purchasing these for comfort and practicality, so having room fills both of those requirements.  Additionally, if you buy a pair, and you find the legs pooling around your feet, that’s natural.  Kim makes her trousers on the long side to accommodate taller gals.  You can either hem them or turn them up, like I did here, yourself.  I also found the need to adjust the suspenders.  The slacks feature a left side zipper, and a right side pocket.

Kim is an absolute doll, and has been sewing since she was a teenager.  You can tell she has an extreme passion for the era and for the garments she produces.  And her quality can’t be beat.  Her garments are hardy feeling and have top-notch construction.  So, go on! Get shopping!

Snood: Etsy – April’s Bag
Hair Flower: Made by me!
1940s Blouse: Solanah’s space at Old Glory Antiques, Vancouver
Slacks: Ankeny by Jitterbuggin’
Saddle Shoes: Willits by way of Buffalo Exchange

11 thoughts on “Jitterbuggin’

  1. AHHHRHGHHHH SO CUTE!!!! These pants are so beautifully tailored, they look perfect on your figure! Your hair looks so gorgeous too, the snood and updo suits this outfit so well. I have been eyeing Jitterbuggin for some time now, all of their separates are so pretty, I am thinking of getting myself the kitty print blouse :3

  2. What a thoroughly awesome event! You look fantastic!!! This past Christmas, thanks to my parent’s wonderfully nice holiday gift money, I purchased my first ever Jitterbuggin’ piece, their navy blue jumper dress (which I’d been lusting after for ages – it was even part of my b-day wish list post last summer). I ordered up a size for that very same reason and am so glad I did. I think I could have fit into one size smaller, but it wouldn’t have fit and looked a bit tight. I’d utterly love to get a pair of these high-waisted trousers one day, too, and will order up there a size, too, if I ever do (thanks so much for mentioning that point).

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I’ve been oggling those for a while now, it’s no surprise they are her best seller! Thanks for the tip on ordering up. So terrified of basically all online purchased… let alone pants (my mortal enemy.)

  4. I love jitterbuggin, I have two of their pinafores and two of their blouses, and I definitely need some of those slacks

    kate (old fashioned way)

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