Picked Me a Plum

I was recently approached by the gracious Jamie of ChatterBlossom who was not only interested in sponsoring my blog, but also in giving me one of lovely hair flowers to review!  When it arrived, it was wrapped up so pretty, I couldn’t imagine a more darling form of packaging!

In our e-mail conversations, I explained to Jamie that I prefer a purple since I’m trying to expand upon the color in my wardrobe.  Seriously, the color is lacking incredibly.

Jamie offers a wide rang of hair flowers – varying in size, color, add-ons such as feathers, and of course center, as each has a unique vintage button as it’s center!  She hand sews on each button to the flower, along with a fabric backing and alligator clip.  The clip allows for the flower to be put on anything, including a slim headband for easy wearing!

Jamie’s hand-crafted creations don’t end at hair flowers – not by a long shot! Her passion for wonderful vintage bits and bobbles leads her to also create unique and one of a kind jewelry items, such as earrings, necklaces, rings and brooches using buttons and other wonderful found objects, giving them new lives as wearable creations.  My favorites of her creations are her headbands! They have wonderful flapper flair to them and are simply gorgeous!  Plus, Jamie offers custom creations as well!

You can also find Jamie over at her blog. ChatterBlossom has a blog too, visit it here!  As well as on Facebook, and follow her on Twitter and Pinterest!

Dress: Solanah’s space at Old Glory Antiques, Vancouver, Washington
Belt and “Doll” Bracelet: Expo
Shoes: FarylRobin by way of Buffalo Exchange
Hair Flower: Courtesy of ChatterBlossom

9 thoughts on “Picked Me a Plum

  1. The purple flower really sets off the outfit. The coordination of the belt and bracelet with the dress is perfect.

  2. Splendidly pretty hair bloom! (And outfit!) Jamie creates such timelessly lovely pieces.

    I’m trying to expand the amount of purple in my wardrobe, too. I had way more back in my teens, but these days, it’s one of the hues I own the least of, and I have zero idea why. This year has been about adding more green (which I’m happy to say I’ve done and will keep doing), and I really predict 2014 will see an emphasis on purple.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I’m trying to include more purple in my wardrobe too! It’s such a splendid colour and I love the pretty little touch the flower adds to your outfit.

  4. What a great hair pin! It goes along like peas and carrots with your outfit:) Just lovely! It’s so nice to have a wide array of hair clips and this one is a beautiful color purple.

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