Calamity Jane

Over the past few days I’ve been working on my Halloween costume. Yes, you read right. Halloween costume.  Why? Well, part of our festivities will occur over a month prior to the holiday itself!  Patrick and I procured tickets for one of Mickey’s Halloween Parties at Disneyland for September 27th! These Halloween parties are the only time when guests over the age of nine are allowed to wear costumes! I’m super excited and when I settled down on who I wanted to go as, I felt the need to, as my mother puts it, “go forth and conquer!”

Now, you may be thinking, that the title of this entry is who I am going as. Nope. Although it is a western character. But while I was working on my costume the other day I did put on the 1953 Doris Day Calamity Jane, and as I got dressed today, felt inspired by the film for my outfit to go buy more supplies for my costume.

As for the details of my costume, I’m keeping it under wraps for the time being. So you’ll just have to wait. Yep, just like last year.

Blouse: White Puff Blouse by Bettie Page Clothing, Portland, Oregon
Skirt: Rummage sale
Wooden Cowboy Boot Earrings: Birthday Gift from my wonderful friend Alicia
Western Theme Charm Bracelet: Gift from my dad!
Shoes: Bonnie by Miss L Fire, Imelda’s, Portland, Oregon

19 thoughts on “Calamity Jane

  1. Ahhh, how sweet, the bandana around the skirt is great, love the bracelet, (I have one just like it)! Doris Day “aka” America’s sweetheart, the girl next door, was my first inspiration for my love of vintage clothing. Can’t wait to see your costume!

  2. Wow, a lovely Outfit. The skirt with the bandana is great, finally an idea what to do with all the old bandanas waiting in my to-sew-stack, because I don’t wear them.

  3. I’ll be there at the trick or treat on the 27th! it’s the first day trick or treat starts. we tend to push that no wearing costume deal since a lot of the time we go after half marathons and we are in costume from the race haven’t been stopped yet lol

  4. @missfairchild if you do make it out to Disneyland I would tell your kids to wear whatever they want Disneyland is all about being a kid for the day and making all your magical dreams come true!

  5. Total outfit perfection! I love every single thing – very much including those awesome shoes! You’re not alone in thinking about your Halloween costume in July, I’ve already started doing the same thing, too, though I’ve not hit upon what I’m going to wear this year yet. Last year I knew by January that I wanted to be a 1940s nurse and was quite fortunate to find both a vintage uniform and cap from two different etsy sellers in relatively little time, which meant I had months to wait until I could sport my costume on October 31st. No such luck this year, and with Halloween scarcely three months away, I really have to come up with a fun idea soon! (Last minute kind of gal, I am not! :D)

    ♥ Jessica

  6. ooo…I can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for Halloween! I’ve got my costume in the works right now too and I’m also keeping in a secret. I’m going to a big Halloween party with prized this year and I’m doing something special!


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